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Editing mit xvid-Dateien (bei gleichbleibender Qualität)

Editing with xvid files (at constant quality)

Frage von EyTschej:
November 2006

The following scenario:

I have xvid files from these and now want a new video cut. If I use these for Premiere reinlade see and I hear nothing but in the timeline. So of course, editing is not possible.

At the same time, I wished that there is a editing tool would be, where you simply like Virtual Dub as a "direct stream" option when saving would have been so easy with the new video settings of the source file. But that would be too good to be true ...

So my question is:

What tool can I have the best quality in my xvid files in a timeline editor join, edit, and new in either xvid or halt in the optimum case, simply with the codec settings of the source files are stored?

Perhaps there is simply synonymous but a trick, how to xvid files in Premiere can handle properly? Net shop, but I see / hear halt nix editing timeline using ...

Thank you in advance for helpful answers to my questions.

Antwort von Gast1:

As far as I know there is no way to edit Xvid natively. Ulead MSP may XviD video / audio open / read, but not in XviD encoding. Also on FFDShow not.
XviD, you can encode without best if cut into pieces and then the pieces back together as cardboard (cut / join). For example with VirtualDub.

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Consistent quality is not, because hardly even 2 Xvid with exactly the same settings be encoded, and if it goes as Gast1 already wrote, just a hard cut s.den keyframes, otherwise "direct stream copy" is no longer possible.
To view the movies in your PRG process, you have only 2 options: either transcode them into a readable format (eg DV Avi) or use as an example Avisynth FrameMaker Server (player).

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von EyTschej:

Your answer brought me some of the same solutions. The editing in VirtualDub using keyframes this is quite cumbersome but, as I already found out - for my project (it is about a music video) unfortunately impractical.

But the best solution that I came by your answer is probably that I VDub scene rough rausschneide and either uncompressed or store with this DV Avi - but how exactly do I do this?

I usually capture of my DV Cam at the premiere and is already DV-Avi, but too bulky for my HDD (I should thoroughly entmisten times, but so much would not necessarily synonymous help). Therefore, I have everything using xvid (100% quality-based) is compressed, on the assumption that I then can easily edit - which unfortunately, a halt was incorrect. Under VDub can I find the DV Avi Codec but unfortunately not. He would have to yes but in his system (otherwise I could not capture).

So my current question: How I encode my clips snippet below VDub to DV-Avi, so I use these snippets clips then Premiere can weiterverwerten?

Today I have synonymous little time with me next to employ the problem-solving, but as soon as I no longer need help, do I sign up again synonymous finally here (with my final problem solving - for posterity, hehe)

Antwort von Gast1:

No idea how VDub with you again in DV-AVI can convert, may be 0815 or maybe others as you help. In any case, it's probably some image quality and cost.
Firstly, you have no space on your hard drive, but your wills XviD might in uncompressed unpack. It'll take you but then plenty of space.
For lack of space, you can tape your vorscannen and capturing only the parts that you then want to further process. Goes particularly well and easily (auto) with Scenalyser Live. Obs synonymous with premiere goes, I do not know.

Antwort von Gast 0815:

In Vdub back into DV Avi is simple: video -> full processing mode: hook, then Video -> Compression: DV codec to choose, if not present (Vfw codec required!) Install eg HSHXc 59a08296fada5a5bd46492750f90567 Download and ready .

Space problems? Then try it with Avisynth, either via plugin (such times on Google Avisynth Premiere + + plugin) or by Avi fake, look you: http://forum.slashcam.de/mpeg-4-in-magix-video-deluxe-importieren-vt39567.html
(should work with just Premiere!)

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von EyTschej:

The Panasonic DV codec has helped me. I can use to edit xvid files in VDub to convert and then in Premiere completely normally. Must hold back just a little more free space on the disk, because the format is somewhat cumbersome. In the future I will be the DV files probably just order RAREN compression, because the transformation back again so synonymous takes time - and who has time? ^ ^

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