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Frage von Deupa:

I would like to achieve in 2006 following VdL Magix Effect
I have as a still image or a clip Hintergrunf and put four more photos on other tracks. These photos were reduced to a quarter, so that conceal the neben-/untereinander are the original and still image also.
With what Effect / Aperture which I can do it now, that a still image stored on the left or right moves from the Picture? I'd make it with all four photos, so then again, the original still image or the clip is visible.
Hab with all sorts of screens rumprobiert, but I can not get through :-( (

Thank you for tips


Antwort von domain:

About the keyframe animations and then again on the activated X position of the pips.
The red (X) line you can be in the track of the PiPs draw with the mouse and move out so the right or left PIP can.


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