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Frage von YnXs:


I want to use for a Schritzug a special animation. And this is behind the message ever left tackle and right up into the corners of a searchlight, the umherleuchten then looking behind the lettering on the ground ... (is hard to explain, sry ^ ^).

So I need help:

- Where can I take the spotlight?
- Where do I get the right sound effect? (Suchsceinwerfer to go around lights)
- How do you implement the whole thing?

I thank you in advance for your help!

MfG YnXs


Antwort von Jörg:

Hi, so about 2 dozen possible solutions could offer me. Better if it were, would you announce that you have Programs available.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von YnXs:

Hello Jörg,

Thanks for the quick response!

So the realization of the video editing I

- Sony Vegas 6.0d
- Adobe Premiere Pro

And I might just borrow synonymous MAGIX Video Deluxe or Adobe After Effects Of jmd.

Miscellaneous perhaps helpful Programs:

FXhome VisionLab Studio
Adobe Photoshop
Cinema 3D

Kindest regards from Leipzig



Antwort von sacred:

3D Cinema? I only know of Cinema 4D, and so you can along with the searchlight beam (volumetric lighting) Animate.
Then you grab the spotlight and the Picture or video where the text together in After Effects, Keyster the headlights so that they appear to be in the Picture and then you go to New After Effects -> level -> -> Lighting and pick a spot with the desired color and an intensity of 100%.
Still to note is that you transform the original plane cinema4d + headlights with after effects in 3d levels have to, otherwise does not effect the spot.

mfG, moritz


Antwort von YnXs:

Hi sacred!

I thought Cinema4D, I'm wrong number ... Oo

Anyway, I'm not DV editing and graphics as a hobby, so in short, just so I schaffs model an ugly, unwieldy car: D - a (relatively) good-looking lights, I'll have achieved not there:)

But thanks anyway for your answer, vllt. anyone still has a solution ready for me ^ ^

LG Dominic


Antwort von YnXs:

None So has ne solution? Oo Well, I've had bad luck: D

lG Dominic


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


So if you manage to C4d to model a car, it will surely hardly be a problem to make a cheap headlights!?
Or was it a joke with the car? Then I saw him net completely understood;)
I mean, you need your car so synonymous have somehow lit in the 3d program C4d!

Otherwise, once you try s.dem lense flare of After Effects. But lest you get a different result. Not what you really want! Maybe you all like it to Schaus you!

By the way, with the rental of programs, this is such a thing;)

Many dear greetings

PS: Hello admin, nice that the servers go again! What happened? Changes made so that you can upload video files synonymous? :) If so very cool!


Antwort von YnXs:

What I mean a really ugly car: D I'm gonna go vllt. Upload a screenshot;) Then you know what I mean ^ ^

This is Problöem that the total will be a logo or intro that should come before any movie that I cut / do - and because I really wanted to fit in. No amateur spotlight.

Thanks anyway, the Lensflare-effect is gar nich so mein Ding ^ ^

Liebe Grüße


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