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Frage von mito:

Hello all together,
you see it at the time and more often on TV. Old 4:3 material will be incorporated into new 16:9 broadcasts. In the original image is running in the center and left and right, provided with filters, again the corresponding image sections. Here I once was as Stillimage handicrafts, so you can imagine what is underneath.

What programs can do such things? Possible while maintaining the original format. So if avi / mpg pure, then synonymous avi / mpg out. Of course, in general, the entire material must be re-counted to me is already clear.


Antwort von Multivideocutterman:

So you can do this with video as deluxe.

It works like this:

You push the video into the bar. Then>> right click onto video (; not the soundtrack!)>> Properties>> and änderst there to 16:9.
Then asks you if you want the video monitor settings have changed. And well you confirm then you need only download the video again, and in the bar above the "old" push, so it's up.

How does it work with the blurring, I do not know, but if you do the "old" video press Shift + Y (; not return the soundtrack, then klappts not) there comes a window, since you can try out the right times, the functions and links.

That actually is synonymous with any video editing program. You just have to stop my "recipe" adjust.

Thou canst indeed times on a demo download and try it out.


Antwort von Wiro:

"mito" wrote: What programs can do such things?
With every editing program that allows for multiple levels (traces of).
Send Footage 3x stacked, lane 1 and 2 left / right and putting it on it Weizeichner.

Greeting Wiro


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