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Frage von Ivy:

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately I know with s.sich effects not so good. I am looking for my current project two effects and would be glad if you could help me. I use Magix Video deLuxe 2004 2005.

First, I use a search Effect, the picture a little to the "flicker" brings. You know the old shooting but that the movie times and dark times brighter (Charlie Chaplin and Co). Theoretically, it should probably run that individual frames at irregular intervals darkened.

Secondly, do I need a Effect, the (also like in the old shooting or in dream sequences) to the edge of the 16:9 image is floating, so that corners and edges are not clearly separated but floating from the picture into the Black override.

Thank you love and greetings,


Antwort von Axel:



Antwort von Ivy:

"Axel" wrote:


Antwort von oliver II:

Hi Ivy!

Nice to see you again synonymous're here! Satisfied with your Panasonic?
Magix has a fairly synonymous Forum passaples. Perhaps because you like someone to help. Tomorrow I'm other s.einem Calculator, Magix s.dem I can try. I think at least the first effect I have ever seen in MdL.
I am again.


Antwort von Ivy:

Hallo ihr Lieben!

For the purposes of the "asker replies-item" now here comes the solution to the problem:

This works with an Alpha Mask: Just under Hadsche"VideoMixFX" auf die Grafik ziehen - and es funktioniert.

Das ist with der VideoDeLuxe-Edition ohne PLUS-Version nicht möglich, zumindest nicht in meinem Sinne. Welch Armutszeugnis für Magix. Für weitere Lektüre and Informationen zu Magix insgesamt empfehle ich das
Magix Customer Forum. This is very competent synonymous to the specific questions to which you experience this forum gets no responses, respectively.


PS: Hi Oliver! The NV-GS280 makes gaaanz excellent. Despite the known weaknesses! ;-)


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