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Frage von Aya-chan:

I have a video on youtube, where I really start to effect klasse finde synonymous and wants to learn how to implement these.

The first minute of the video is. I would like to know how to get something created.
Both the rotating and floating letters, so the effect synonymous, that the words are drawn together from the letters flying.
Could someone explain to me how this sequence is? Is it easier to sort with Particular represent?


Antwort von serpenteye:

Just as it looks, the words directly s.Anfang the video via a blur and opacity appear. They are not from the whole Buchstabengewusel together. The clouds consist of letters are a little more tricky to get out. I would be with a particle simulator try. In "Trapcode Particular" you can see the particles by arbitrary elements replace. A problem exists, however, you can only have one element in a particle simulator insert. That means you would have if the whole alphabet as letters to represent cloud, 26 separate particle simulators with each other to create letters. This is likely a lot of computing power required. The camera drive through the cloud of points is with the particle simulation of Trapode no problem. It is fully 3D capable. Random rotation and scaling of individual particles (points) can be set.

Here is a tutorial how to make such a thing could be. From about min 10 is shown as one particle by another element replaced. Instead of the Smoke-element you take one of your letters.

There are certainly many other solutions but I think this is the easiest. I hope I could help.


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