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Frage von ShakyMUC:


there are APP1.5 and / or APP2 the possibility of the effect settings you have set for a clip (eg brightness / contrast and color correction) to other clips in the same sequence or in the same project to transfer / duplicate page /.

Sense, logically, to have to enter settings are not even prepared for each clip manual.
Exporting the entire movie (DV-AVI) and then "change s.Stück" unfortunately not possible, as indeed many but not all clips are affected (specifically the lack of a second White Balance s.Set Cam of the lot but was processed )

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Antwort von Wiro:

one edited (corrected) clip in the Timeline> Edit Select> Copy.
Then all the desired clips in the Timeline, select Insert> Edit> Attributes.

Good is when all the clips of the 2nd Camera in a separate track are - then you need to mark it framed only with the mouse. However, if they are higgledy-piggledy in different tracks, then keep the joint as usual in Windows, select SHIFT-button pressed and click on all the relevant clips.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von ShakyMUC:

Wow - perfect! Thank you!


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