Infoseite // Elton vs. Chris Brown "World Champion" Music Video

Frage von kichiku:

I thought I'd get a little music video rotated ... this time something else entirely ... As always with de Canon 7D and some light, but not much ...

Elton vs. Chris Brown "World Champion"




Antwort von PowerMac:

Very good ...

Not so good the HMI is in the background and the rigging things ...


Antwort von Funque:

it makes me look synonymous fun, especially the effect of the rolling shutter cmos sensor caused looks as if bock sausage with the drummer playing;)



Antwort von Debonnaire:

Video ok, if not synonymous intoxicating. Something long-threaded and repetitive, but this perfect for dreary really crippling and x-times too long (eschwörungs B-) "song" fits. Overall: Nice, but unspectacular. Then, a synonymous, the use of an F-celebrities such as Elton unfortunately little change to it. ;-)


Antwort von Freddi:

"Débonnaire" wrote: Video ok, if not synonymous intoxicating ...
... Nice, but unspectacular ...

That hits pretty well.
I personally like this continuing to play around with the sharpness is not so in general - that has somehow largely "random" ...


Antwort von srone:

I have won through to look at this, not because I expected the content of what, but rather because I have you seen the one of other interesting.

but here is the video on the level of the songs, boring and average.

the mood light so that you almost nothing can go wrong, it looks just from synonymous.

the visual design, center draufgehalten, sometimes aimlessly looking for, sorry not my thing.

sharpen and shift is different, but that seems to be yes mode of vdslr times in the sharpness to search in on, completely effect overuse.




Antwort von Funque:

oh yeah, I have the time viewed video without sound and I must say that I do not think it really bad, especially good is over, that the people have fun, just like I look at and I think the video to the synonymous people, it s.die addressed, is to bring fun and they will be able to tune into the football World Cup.

From this goal achieved. :)



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