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Frage von Hardliner:

Hi friends,

I import into an Encore menu a JPG as a background (; created in PS and with 720x576 pixel correction ratio 1.45) and put it in a menu. The preview window will appear, however, above (; 7px) and below (; 6px) large black stripes. These lines will disappear even then not when I magnify the JPG on the borders of the Encore Canvas addition (;!).
The graph therefore fills in the work area while the area of full, but not so in the preview, since no px in height overall 13th

Since the same issue does not arise when working with menu templates, I'm a control error of time out of my hand. :-)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any hint schonmal


PS: I place the menu on the 4:3 format, the "small bars" away (but of course this right and then left the usual black bars).


Antwort von Hardliner:

OK, it was the common thinking errors:

horizontal pixels false values ... and above all the wrong pixel aspect ratio.

Anyone who also faces the above problem, I recommend:
Brain turn, recalculate missing pixels by three set and then enjoy s.passenden Picture - that's helped me. :-)




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