Infoseite // Encore 16:9 menu flickers

Frage von wolfi28041990:

Hey people,

Have a menu created with Encore and wondered why the Subpictures the buttons always flicker! (Only s.Television not s.PC monitor!)
they seem synonymous filled place full of broken lines only, that is streaky - in horizontal direction.
Meanwhile, I've figured out that the problem is not with 4:3 menus - only at 16:9!

- Something is wrong with the fields not - of course, but how do I get through it?

Thank you

lg Wolfi


Antwort von Mylenium:

If your television set with safety s.der and DVD player, maybe some cottage cheese with 100Hz and the fields are doubled incorrect .... Subpictures are always static frames and are synonymous so embedded in the DVD, which includes already almost that on the track what goes wrong ...



Antwort von wolfi28041990:

I just did unfortunately tested on 3 TVs - 1 tube and 2 LCDs - with 3 different DVD players, analog over Scart - for all bargain exactly the same result!

It may be that it is s.den devices, but I can not expect the customer so synonymous that he must first convert their DVD player before he can read our DVD ..

Purchase normal DVDs work 16:9 and 4:3 all great!


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