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Frage von samplejoe:


I will soon be crazy, have created a DVD in the preview everything is running as I would like to have - a brief explanation of how I want it! :

Several video clips will run in a row, I did a clip with another clip (cut windows) so that it links to all 10 in a row abspiet and then again at the first start - that he should make the whole time - until everything here is synonymous OK if I have the menu but what I also would like to correct the links he shows me the synonymous s.and if I should of the menu does not auto start again on the first jump of the 10 clips and play it back endlessly. I have under the menu -> properties - entered MOVEMENT

AUDIO: 15secstille.wav
Duration: 00:00:14:24
No check in retained indefinitely
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
No check in animietre Schaltfläsche
Loop Brand: 00:00:00:00
Loop Number: No

Previously I had no audio and had just added that I thought it maybe right. In the Vorsch the menu to jump almost 15 seunden then back again, as it should be but on different DVD players, he remains on the menu.



Antwort von thorich:

Very good question,
have the same problem:

Vorselectierter would like a button in a menu after a defined time is auto activated.
In the Encore preview works on the DVD player is the menu in the infinite pause mode.

Seems to be a bug.

What to do?

Where to hire a fix with IfoEdit or PGedit possible if yes, how? (Instructions would be very helpful.

Greeting thorich


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