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Frage von Krabbi:


I have a (small) problem with Adobe Encore CS4

I want to create a menu with levels, with 10 different buttons on it. When a button is selected, will occur on the background image p.3 Make changes.
However, if I import the menu in Photoshop with different levels adjusted and then create the appropriate button, I can not adjust their size. The button always fills the entire area will occur in which changes. Already with the second button, the program claimed because of superimposition of the buttons.

In DVD Studio, this is not a problem in Encore, I am unfortunately bloody Beginners. DVD Studio supports but funnily enough not a Bluray.

Does this person?



Antwort von Mylenium:

Layer Menus = is nich, quite simply. Why, however, wants to use at all / is to open up to this day not me. Even so, they are in DVDSP recommended only as a last resort for known reasons ...



Antwort von Krabbi:

jep it is clear where ... and in DVDSP synonymous no problem. I may actually not particularly synonymous Layer menu, but the customer demands nunmal a menu that meets these specifications.

In Encore, it does not work really as it should.

Gruss Beat


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