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Frage von chris62zh:

Ausgansglage the following: I created a DVD with Encore CS4 Project, which consists of two shooting, which can be directly selected from the Title menu. The first movie hats no subtitles. For the second movie I created in Encore subtitle. My wish now would be that the subtitles appear in this second film is always automatically, ie without having to dial s.DVD player, the subtitle option. Gibts a way to program the DVD in Encore, so that the subtitle track is always mitgestartet auto?

Thanks for your help!


Antwort von david2:

Yes! Have my grad Encore 'not to. White is now synonymous not out of my head how it currently looks like in CS4.

You go on the button in the menu -> Properties. Then on the small arrow in "Shortcut". At the bottom choose "Other ...".
Now you can lower subtitles for a (solid set and) may still block off the user's actions (properties d. Timeline) "Change Untertielspuren.


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