Infoseite // Engineering Study: CMOS with 120 megapixels

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Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von WoWu:

What should make for a windowing sense because the pixel pitch is no preference as to whether I use the full sensor, or part, in this case always 2.2 y, no, you better than any field-and forest meadows Sensor in consumer cameras with 1 / 4 "sensor.
Associated to the request then goes s.das Lens, which should provide here 246 lp / mm.
Just a reminder:
The best and most expensive Referenzopjektiv of Zeiss makes over 180 LP / mm and will cost approx. 60,000 EUR.

So what should such a sensor and Cui bono?


Antwort von joe11:

If one may produce to customers in the military or in science, such as astronomy.

Otherwise, the record is the usual hunt for PR purposes. Some will find something like exciting. A few days later I am a photographer has told them. I already knew the message and find it boring.

The two new Sony cameras with the transparent mirrors are much more exciting.


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