Infoseite // English language support for German AE

Frage von Christof:


working with the German version of AE 6 Pro and always had problems with English tutorials. not that I could not speak English and read, but the designations of some operation steps and effects are sometimes so nothing to do with the German designations.
there is the possibility to use AE in two languages, or more precisely, there is a kind of english language? imagine it at so that I can choose whether I want to start before the start AE German or English.

or perhaps there is indeed a kind of synonymous Composition of English-German designations of effect?

Many thanks for reply


Antwort von gnoi:

Hi, since your German version is multilingual, you can easily start the program in English, or French, Japanese ...
Go to the directory -> Languages -> English.

Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Christof:

Many many thanks

God, I almost sat the whole time on the solution.
shame on me.


Antwort von Christof:

've only now realized that I had posted the entry under "special effects" was meant for "adobe after effects".
perhaps someone can even move there.

Thanks again, tschüssi


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