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Eintrittspreise im Kino je nach Filmproduktionskosten?

Entrance fees in the movies, depending on the film production?

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Juni 2009

Entrance fees in the movies, depending on the film production? Of thomas - 25 Jun 2009 15:27:00
The German producer Christoph Mueller (; usof solo album and Sophie Scholl) questioned in this article, the single ticket prices for movies - no preference for how expensive a film in production was: s.der box office movies are all the same, each will cost EUR 6, and the Cinema de facto unit price. Muller calls for the Eintritspreise reflect the cost of production: Blockbuster would be so expensive though - cheaper production costs, but would be less synonymous s.der box office. His goal: a little more equality between the expensive Hollywood Shooting (costing 100 million U.S. dollars more, and which one looks at the synonymous) and produce much less more expensive German productions. The more expensive film production, and marketing costs will be passed that is quite s.The cinemas in the form of higher rental income - the pay for this but by a (; quasi-internal) cross-subsidy from other films and those which are reflected in the not so Eintrisspreisen. Christoph Mueller argues for a price of 2-3 euro difference between the most elaborate productions and unostentatious. Quote: "A lavishly-produced film is first of all synonymous for the audience of valuable - no preference whether he turns out to be as good or bad." And German (; or other non-Hollywood) films have to make up for this tremendous show value of originality - film to film. Had a little more market economy (; where the "real" price of a movie in the ticket price) reflects the solution?

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Antwort von pilskopf:

A ridiculous idea. Unworkable and total nonsense. No one is forced to make films, neither cheap nor expensive. But if someone thinks spending 200 million for a film, jo mei system to merge his problem, the money again. As a rule, the money so synonymous play several times again. Small movies have to make the system more chances but synonymous with the money to start again, with hardly any copies and generating correspondingly less gain.

Antwort von Axel:

There are already. The blockbuster run in Megaplex for 9 euros, including all surcharges, the art-house films in the ancient art house for 5 euros. Technically, you get into the old boxes even have a "value added": Old Film Look. Dust, cracking in the sound and frequent "Jump Cut" - splices are the pulse and the breath of the cinema ;-)))

Digital I can look at the frenetic robotic synonymous home, not a big difference.

Antwort von NEEL:

That would not be bad - American blockbusters easily cost many times the 10-20 times that of a European production. With an average ticket price of 6 euros for a Hollywood production would, therefore, the average 30-60 cents for a German film. With a minimum fee of 6 euros per European film would be the 60-120 Euros for an American production. Since I usually only can the Hollywood ham abgewinnen little, the plan will take my full support:)

Antwort von bernie_r:

Should in fact a kind prescribed by synonymous whatsoever authority, the cinema owners, how much should the tickets cost.
... that's' ne crazy idea, right??
In addition, production costs are only a fraction of the costs that are reflected in the ticket price. The maintenance of the cinema, labor costs, energy costs, etc., etc. remain the same for all shooting.

And, no one faced by a German production of cheap, instead of an expensive Hollywood production, just because the ticket s.der Checkout little cheaper.

Antwort von Valentino:

No wonder that needed to come up with sowas mal wieder ein producer.
In this idea, the theater owner is not at all interested in the bean, to make more money if each film will cost the same.

Antwort von pilskopf:

The theater owner gets hold roughly the Hæfte the price of a ticket. How this is to hold on to a ticket price of ¬ 3 on the water? And then Blockbuster will cost 12 ¬ or 18 ¬? None of which will look even more. The clientele is then completely piracy. In addition, you can take at little s.der theke art films, art should be extinct? Movies should be extinct? The guy should be run once a movie and then spits out the times quite a different sound. The first thing you will say is to raise up to 1 year re-evaluation window to reduce by a multiple movie rental for the rental so that all comes out at 0 as the operator. All movies make lousy without end.

I have been working 10 years in an art house movies with 8 screens actually (; In case anyone is surprised that there are sowas, D), that's not financially viable.

The time to stop paying millions to their actors, should stop spending millions on computer effects and concentrate on the script and then spend millions of happy times, then flip wirds synonymous with the film, if that does not synonymous million.

Antwort von wontuwontu:

... Should be extinct Movies? ...

Good question. Nevertheless reassure erstmal.

Antwort von pilskopf:

Ok, am now reassured. : D

Antwort von Zizi:

The clientele is then completely piracy

I doubt it .. The cinema has not really hurt the pirated copy!
Wnen the people going to the movies, they just go to the movies .. no preference whether it be offered to the screener or aut Torrent Movies.to etc.!
I go to the movies to "film experience" to save and not to me 6 ¬ to me and see the same movie s.PC with blechernden Sound and picture quality misserablen!
I think the one good idea from Hernn miller!
Low Budget Prices cost ¬ 4 and the blockbuster 7 ¬
Since the movies and the film maker is making good wake ..
The film probably make more anyway with the coal
5 ¬ speedometers and 1000% profit popcorn with the shooting itself!
The time to stop paying millions to their actors, should stop spending millions on computer effects and concentrate on the script and then spend millions of happy times, then flip wirds synonymous with the film, if that does not synonymous million.
I'll totally vote for!

Antwort von pilskopf:

'm Curious about what you hear from customers when the card will cost ¬ 18.50 for Transformers. But you can look synonymous sky over Berlin, makes 85 cents.

Antwort von hlindner:

Cinema Friday 26.06.2011

Harry Potter 34 = 20 ¬
Terminator 87 = 20 ¬
Rocky 95 = 20 ¬
The Western Front = 99 cents
Stalker = Pay What You Like

Nonsense high 10

Antwort von Axel:

"hlindner" wrote:
Stalker = Pay What You Like

Bizarre, if you think the Tarkovsky.

Antwort von hlindner:

"Axel" wrote:
"hlindner" wrote:
Stalker = Pay What You Like

Bizarre, if you think the Tarkovsky.

Yes, of course, I mean it!
Is there another film with the same title?
This is neither a rating on my part!

Antwort von Frank B.:

I think you can already priced differentiate one should be careful, however, with blockbusters will not be high. That would cause a slump in attendance in the cinemas after himself, for a few weeks later, the "top movies" on DVD or BluRay in the home theater can be had.
Or will they make the DVDs / brds as synonymous expensive?
Well, then see my children just less of the crap.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Nen Movies movie has no preference where he always comes the same taste.

Raising Weekend Rates at 10 to 12 euros would be represented to Contemporary.

Sun Cinemas have to earn synonymous and what costs have extreme power consumption.

And Blockbuster, are not necessarily equal good movies, many films which have cost under 30Millionen have become very good films.
Unfortunately you can not say the shooting of about 80 million now.

Who wants to sit down with this issue of einwenig should make nen account with www.boxofficemojo.com. (; And IMDB Pro) .... then it quickly gets a sense (which is implemented with shooting, can not earn umbedingt).

B. DeKid

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