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Frage von foto.awp:

'm Entered in fresh Video_DSLR's theme and I have risen after careful Überlegeung as Tonquellenlieferant "for O-ZOOM H4n sound recordings.
The first "screen tests" are run very well.
I "cheap" yet s.einem better sound from the video recordings at H4n and because it would be a great help if someone of his experience with the Aussteueung H4n in connection with EOS 7D I could tell more accurately.
My current settings are s.H4n:
Output of MIC s.EOS 7D: "VOLUME 60" and the input of the audio signal s.H4n quite "normal" without clipping to "-6".

Thanks s.All who accept this question!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sepperat can record and after the tton the 7D for reference use Brand New Excellent sound and with the sound of the external source.

Is cleaner


What works synonymous but there are different opinions on this.

Multiple microphones s.Set all depends separately in a mixer s.dem synonymous one external recording device, and then join another blended scale synonymous s.die Cam.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Tuffy:

In my opinion, are not microphones on a camera ...

The H4n makes ansich yet beautiful sound - how the whole can be ruined by the 7D?
Rather than sacrifice some comfort and good sound recording separately, then synchronize. I've heard this one can film dampers (or clap on the recording) used very well.


Antwort von thsbln:

Take the sound from the 7D as a reference tone and a pinch synonymous as background atmosphere. The sound from the H4N you can synchronize with the software DualView afterwards, but the thing ksotet $ 100, but I have not looked back. The software writes a new file with the natural image content and the synchronized sound, retained all the original files, so you almost have two separate audio sources are available - the traffic hum from the 7D and the cleanest removed sound from the H4N, you can then have an atmosphere in the background and mix.


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