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Frage von Glasserie:

Hello've always times again with the Quicktime player the problem is he mean. Mov files and images. Jpg s.einem undetermined point in the list no longer opens and so this affects the other synonymous Programs no longer can access it.
Did I just download the latest version downloaded and QP anyway.
I think this happens during the transfer to my PC (W-XP operating system). On the Panasonik Lumix played back the file is then synonymous but since then no longer readable.
If the files can still be saved?
Is it s.irgendwelchen settings? Who can help me. Others have apparently synonymous the problem.


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Use, whenever possible, in future, together with Quicktime Alternative Media Player Classic (, https: / / / project / showfiles.php? Group_id = 82303 & package_id = 84358), which prevents many problems with Quicktime on Windows systems. Whether your images to be used, you can check it by typing times with an image editing program open, s.besten trial times before and after the viewing with Quicktime, you can still a transcription error and the error to exclude definitely the player to assign.

Greetings from Marburg


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