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Störungen - Rauschen bei NV-GS 500 NV-GS500

Errors - Noise at NV-GS 500 NV-GS500

Frage von prem:
Mai 2006

Hello everybody!

I want to tell you of a problem with the new 3CCD Panasonic GS500 Of:

Unfortunately, there are problems when shooting under strong sunlight with the camera. Firstly, there while s.Konturen to strong color noise in bright image areas (areas) and disturbances. In particular, green is fraught with real problems unsightly. (eg, leaves, trees), making the camera but only in strong sunlight and enhanced pan and zoom on. In the recording source cloud is ok.

When I close the aperture by 1, it is only slightly (but not really) better. A neutral density filter I have not yet tried, because the expense is certainly the luminance. Furthermore, would the so synonymous a highly unsatisfactory solution - if there such a thing would be.

Had the problem with a Panasonic Service Center faced. They've tested the camera and declares that the measurements of her everything was okay. Therefore one can not go out of a defect in the usual sense.

Since the service center had no comparable camera that could not synonymous to say whether the disturbances generally occur in the GS500, or whether it was an isolated case. Well, at least the s.den cogiven recordings have at least seen and confirmed that with these disorders, no filmmaker can be satisfied.

Now my question s.Euch: Hat jemand eine GS500 and similar problems? Or does anybody know what the cause might lie behind it?

Otherwise, the unit is truly top. Colors, sharpness, handling - truly a joy to work. But what good is the best camera, if it produces interference? It's now been my fourth camcorder and I have such problems before.

So, I hope someone can tell of his own experiences and give tips. Synonymous Please write if you have the same camera and did not experience problems with you ". After all, it's helpful for me to know if this is true only for my cam, or whether the whole series is just so inbred "that they wegbricht in border areas.

Of course I'll keep you up to date synonymous, for my next address will be Panasonic in Hamburg. Let's see what comes to those. Unfortunately, the conversion time 2 weeks had already passed when the problem has shown for the first time (you can see how long it lasts, until one time the sun really has).

Greetings bookmark

Antwort von saly:

that sounds not so great.
I wanted to grow soon, the GS500 synonymous.

Describe yet please times more accurate than the quality of images, sound, etc..

We want to shoot at concerts (in discos and openair).

thanks you.

Antwort von Sprengepiel:

A neutral density filter I have not yet tried, because the expense is certainly the luminance. Furthermore, would the so synonymous a highly unsatisfactory solution - if there such a thing would be.

Well, have semi-professional camcorders such as those involving SonyTRV 900 certainly one of those things installed by default and can be activated of hand. As Aufschraubbfilter handling would of course be more complicated.
ph [/ quote]

Antwort von Sprengepiel:

Where is the difference between the GS500 and the TRV 900?

Antwort von sunny6006:


I use about once synonymous Pana Cam generations, starting with the DX1 [you still know, the king of the night - unfortunately no longer in my possession, then a dx 110 and an m 8] I have again because of various forum recommendations one Panas NV GS 500 [minidv bought] [various times was better than the Sony TRV900] argued, and what should I say "sensational" I was myself inclined to buy a DVD CC [d300], but the forum was this again negatively portrayed??!

I'm OK with the GS500 but very to peace, I use it constantly - both commercially-and the quality of'm absolutely [sure as I said, definitely not my first]

Such errors described, I could not tell, I tried to understand it [on the few sunny situations at the moment] That sort of can not be determined, however. Tel times but with the Service Center in Wiesbdn Hemmerling. 06122 909110 who could help with problems always seems to be the authorized Panasonic Service Specialist to be.

I think it is almost certain software parameters, A little thing I noticed in your description of the error-a man. WB was not mentioned. Man aperture setting is of advantage, but was not really necessities.

Antwort von Jan:

First of brauchts leave an ND filter, which is vital in bright sunlight, eg, at the high f-stops. 16.22 with a consumer simply gets out no "perfect" picture.

The article reads to himself: "I have rights as s.eine Semiprokamera 2500-10000 ¬ - movies but with a ¬ 1000 Consumer Cam - I think the best for 1000 ¬. Pana Because nothing will occur to synonymous, even Mr Heintzenberg in Hamburg will ask you quickly to the demands of the broadcast area ".

I've seen all good lowlight experience with the GS 500, but still you can not broadcast with a 5000 ¬ JVC GY DV compare 5000, where gamma, knee, black level, and dozens of other quality opportunities for change can be directly varies in the Cam and the built-in technology far earlier placed - is as synonymous to the price.


Antwort von bookmark:

First of all thanks for the feedback.

So, Jan, I do not think that you lie down 2,500 - $ 10,000 in order to get a camera that produces no such interference. The quality I currently get, would be synonymous for a 299-euro-Camera not even debatable. Looks really awful.

Moreover, the problems are occurring so dramatically that you really can not drive a satisfactory pan or zoom. As described, I already had some camcorder but never such a bad quality in very bright image areas and contours.

Thanks for the note, sunny6006. This underlines the suspicion that I might have caught a Monday device. Should you ever shoot in bright sunshine, but please post your results.

I think you synonymous in the loop, if it is something new and am delighted with more information, experiences and statements on GS500.

Antwort von jabone-Gast:

How's that now, with the ND filter is the most raufgeschraubt Lens? And what exactly is a filter?

Antwort von Markus:

"jabon-Guest" wrote:
How's that now, with the ND filter is the most raufgeschraubt Lens? And what exactly is a filter?

) A ND filter (= neutral density filter is figuratively the sunglasses for the camcorder. We need such a filter, for example, shooting in bright sunlight when the camcorder does not have a built-in (selectable) neutral density filter. You screw it in case of need to Camcorderobjektiv.

Learn More:
Common Graufilterstärken are ... (and subsequent posts)

Antwort von Jan:

I have not seen your pictures, but I have every other day a client with broadcast rights, which has a 700 ¬ camera in the eye.

That is why I probably overreacted a bit, sorry.


Antwort von Markus:

"Jan" wrote:
... I have every other day a client with broadcast rights, which has a 700 ¬ camera in the eye.

Say, your chain really knows that they are with their slogan, the people so badly affected that the employees go home frustrated? ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

When's the slogan of yours, I was not really thrilled.


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