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Here it comes to news reporting with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von Replay:

CCD sensors have a unique selling point so soon, even if your Manufacturer many devices in the price range of 4000 + X Euretten to the cheap CMOS.

The argument for HD CMOS are better because they are quicker to read is invalid.


Antwort von strike300xxx:

CCD synonymous am Fan!

Down with the CMOS! : D


Antwort von rk-film:

if the 790s teeming as the 700 helps the CCD synonymous nix


Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

And JVC has already announced the third version (if it had been s.1. April, it would have believed None!) In the 790LL, with a special low light function:

Quote of the press release
A specially configured version of the low light camera, the GY-HM790LL, has JVC's patented LoLux function that provides users with image capture ENG s.extremely in low light environment. The LoLux version will be available to direct broadcast customers beginning in the Fall of 2010th

Available at


Antwort von WoWu:

Quote: The argument for HD CMOS are better because they are quicker to read is invalid.
The argument is rather the reverse:
CMOS is chosen because the signal of each pixel of a CCD pushed only by many neighboring store must, until it eventually arrives s.Output. These electrons are lost and others hang in the store remained the charge will be added, but have nothing to do with this particular charge.
This effect is summed up of pixel to pixel. The read out charge packets lose so with the time their original "look" and Level and distorts the signal.
The higher resolving the sensor, the harder it is to produce even one decent picture. Therefore, "glue" several low-resolution CCD camera manufacturers together to get high with a HD Picture Resolutionzu.
With the result that the matching is more difficult.
(Which Resolutionhat the sensor on the 790?)

And, moreover, are of the type here, everything anyway (x) MOS, synonymous the CCD. The term CMOS refers to the way in which the sensor is manufactured and is therefore not a special recording technique dar. CCD describes, however, that the camera underlying operating principle of the sensor.


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