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Frage von Hardstyler:
November 2005


I ask because a couple of ...
We produce event videos into discos + events ..
We use only the org ton (incl roar, etc. ,..),!
these videos you can download the inet.

1. gema charges I must pay?

2. what about ..
if I want to sell those videos later in the disco itself ..
fees which must I have to pay? what I need to observe all that?


3. I'm currently unemployed, I'm waiting for my studies (gewerbe I enrolled).
If I want to sell a video of disothek eg for 600 euro ..
I must as well vorgehn? what I have in mind?
because it looks like one statement?
I must .. if the monthly amount is below 400EURO
What tax? how it looks with the control from allg?

I would be very happy about your help!
when I was a total noob in Case I!

Thank lg mike

Antwort von camworks:

what you're doing is currently illegal. o-ton here if you have, you are synonymous to music in the o-ton, ran just as if you've made the recordings. gema fees for this are due. how much do you ask for in s.besten gema or look after themselves on their website.

The matters not whether you pay into the networks involved or make dvds of them is the way gema no preference. Free always does the same, as soon as you which films of the "public" or imagine they sell.

s.besten you used here in the forum once the search function and give as "gema" a time and reads you through what has been written at all.

Antwort von Nightfly!:

Because the Du Orginalton / the Original music in your recording is useless to Gemapflichtig.
Another here: http://forum.slashcam.de/wann-ist-eine-musik-legal-nutzbar-vt28524.html?highlight=gema
Greeting, Nightfly.

PS: see above LEFT ** Use the power of search! **

slashCAM | | Home | | Forum | | Help | | Search | | ...

Antwort von Hardstyler:


I mean the tone of the event org
(with which the micro-cam included) ...
no leaked music!

or does not have the variety?

Thank you!


Antwort von camworks:

in a disco is still (mostly to correct me if I am wrong) hintergund some music in. since the end of life. And you draw on the bound with. so you're already gema-taxable.

Antwort von Hardstyler:

I see!

another question:

eifnach I can use the music and pay fees gema ..
or should I just write to the company's plate?

Antwort von camworks:

you that you can afford. The fees typically are in no way proportionate to the profit generated by your sales. But ask yourself through times.

Antwort von sama:

"CAMWorks" wrote:
you that you can afford. The fees typically are in no way proportionate to the profit generated by your sales. But ask yourself through times.

ok then .. I'll leave that with the sale of the dvd's

And what about with the veröffentlichne the internet ..
A must buy ICHD synonymous rehcte?
or charges "only" gema-pay?

Antwort von camworks:

I'm not quite sure, that may answer your exact gema.

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Mike,

There are now a wide choice of royalty-free music that can be used without additional costs. Such a CD costs 100 ¬ and more quickly, but in Comparison with the cost gemapflichtiger Music can thus expect a quick investment.

Learn More:

Antwort von camworks:

Now, whether disco-dvds with db media still contribute, once I venture to doubt.

Antwort von Markus:

It is synonymous with royalty-free music all directions of classical music to techno. And the sound is not necessarily cheap. I have some songs that I hear again and again like ... ;-)

Antwort von camworks:

yes, I have some title synonymous, but one notices normally significantly different to the chart toppers. if she really had so perfectly on it, the composer would surely make itself synonymous with its coal chart music. :)

Moreover, it is not easy to adapt the movements of the dancers beat of the music, if one song to another background. this can work, but need not.

Antwort von prem:

I'm afraid your "business model" you can completely forget (if you want to invest any sums or rießigen you will pay a disproportionate amount of the disco).

For, with (already very expensive) Gema-taxes, it should not be done. You still need to read for EVERY single track that is heard in the background, the consent of the copyright holder (usually the music publisher or) the composer. What such a permit will cost and whether you can get it at all, is in the stars.

Both Gemagebühren synonymous as any additional credits are permits taken out for DVD / video and web two completely different things, and therefore cost synonymous independently Money.

Many rich info's here. If you are seriously interested, you can easily bring synonymous with the Gema and can advise you - the service is really great!

But untermahlen losing my tip: completely at the original recorded sound, and with royalty free music. Especially in Electronic-/House-/Techno-Bereich there's still moderately independent labels and artists who are not in the Gema. If you are taking it very seriously, maybe you can some independent electronic label complete with a cheap contract and then use their entire music at no additional charge indefinitely. Or else, there's plenty of music synonymous, which is licensed under the Creative Commons License "or" podcast-safe "is. For example s.hier times ransacking:

Good luck! ;-)

Antwort von steve:

Had just logged in ponds, because of the draw as ;-) again

I have produced a similar event film and marketed synonymous. Yet I have previously included with the GEMA contact, I was able to identify this latter clause of the music not at the pieces ;-) (ramming, pounding, crushing ...)
So I could not even deliver the required music list. A call to the PRS showed that it is not impossible to produce the film.
GEMA I have sent a rough cut, it does GEMA calculates the fees, an adoption by the artist was not necessary. The taxation in Bulgaria have formed one aufkalkulieren halt to its price. Then the customer can decide whether it (the result of Webfilm or DVD) the price is worth it.

Gruß Steve

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