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Jeden Tag eine gute Tag  - 99Fire Films  Kamikaze Beitrag

Every day a good day - 99Fire film Kamikaze review

Frage von B.DeKid:
Februar 2011

So now the action is over 99Fire Film Festival.
I was there in the short term I decided to register with and make.

I was clear I had this week but really do not have time but oh yes you could log in even once.

When I checked email s.Dienstag then was there so the mail in the box with the subject

"Everything good starts with a good coffee"

Ok - hmm, I never in my life I drank a cup of coffee was the first time I bit surprised.

But I came quickly to the idea because we do something very simple
Also called the Ray had only s.Mittwoch after work about 2 hours - time enough hm needs.

The idea was simple, so it should be created.

Without betraying everything now I called the idea "Every day a good deed"


Ok s.Mittwochabend half an hour was too late then to Ray, struck Physiologically stressed but at least now it could go off.

We are here then gone ahead s.die Tanke the one and only place where you can get a cup of coffee here at the time.

The seller was a bit perplexed and knew us anyway so just set up tripod to shoot in there and started cheeky ;-)
Gurellia Style halt - after about 5 minutes we were done - then outside NEN still some scenes and about 30 minutes after we finished.

Quick and Dirty wait - yes nothing makes up for s.Montag evening, we were not at all sure if we both ever had time for pleasure and so ne kamikaze action.

Good Friday evening I then spotted the material of the cams, changed and edited together. With the turntable quickly and well mixed together what should be.
The cut was actually quite fast to run Denoiser script about it but I had somehow not so the more time which is a shame but oh well, I was frankly too expensive to make now that the full session --- I said Render Render session we'll get to now: - /

Ok material is ready and I care as MOV with DNxHD before and then we went about the 2 GB File of so about 1:50 seconds in the 250MB required to bring.

Well and then comb my favorite Progi of Adobe Media Encoder to use - because I'm here s.der small engine on it synonymous.

You can imagine what's coming - just wait ages and the thing does not just what I wanted to CFR.

Well I've given up at some point and just the material directly as mov with H.264 if (exported) is what saved me then ne 1.7 GB file, - /
I'm simply in Super can then render Ner XVID AVI file so you were about 101MB large. has super clear to me then NEN bissel the sound changed but I did not feel real at some point more.

The First Finale 1.7GB file I then just uploaded to Youtube and I care not for the first time next drum.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

So and now the time to score that did not please me

- We had no real light s.Start.
- Many shots were through the open Aperture just blurred
- Trouble we could have given us think NEN synonymous and text are from
- When you have to edit the Dark High ISO to reduce noise scenes in any case (but certainly not here s.dem mini PC)

All in all, yes, was fun and time was funny but I'm not really satisfied, but I want to the "accident" does not deprive ;-)

We thus gain a potted plant and it's clear to me that does not bother but somehow not really.
The I / we can do better oh well we know - but somehow you have to have the right desire synonymous.

Well enough about it you just look s.http: / / www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSNoUeOVzpU

B. DeKid

Antwort von Mantas:

hehe We have proceeded similarly. We have not synonymous filed, but together we will make cut

Antwort von domain:

Still hefty Directing and good acting performance, especially as homeless :-)
Average time a question s.die professionals: between 00:22 and 12:24, the benefactor has just come through the door, although there is a time-part section with relocation of the camera, but he still does not work well in my opinion. How to do it better? I have since, although an explanation and a theory, but what do you think?

Antwort von Piers:

"Domain" wrote:
Average time a question s.die professionals: between 00:22 and 12:24, the benefactor has just come through the door, although there is a time-part section with relocation of the camera, but he still does not work well in my opinion. How to do it better? I have since, although an explanation and a theory, but what do you think?

After the first inside-shot in the gas station (door opens to type comes in) run person ausm Picture, omit second shot at the gas station as unnecessary.

-Close to the face s.der coffee and next with the "semi-complete" as in the film.

- Person "American" come to the coffee machine, which can be seen perhaps in the gate, leave, then next in the movie

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Mantas

In any case, please post I would be good times and I would intressieren times.


@ Domain

Regarding. the cut sequence at TC 0:21 to 0:24

I perso. recognize the following as Prob

- The depth of field is actually too low
- The tilt in the course (between the shelves / in the floor)

The with the sharpness I would have to compensate on the spot by stopping - this is me at 2 - 3 Scenes been extremely disturbed.
But what is even more serious in my eyes, is the fact that "ER" goes straight into the other settings (to follow his path / destination)
to go to the Schlenck in the hallway or the Picture to the general impression "agitated" makes.

This coupled with the effect of blur kills.

One might possibly another perspective ie a wide angle lens can use - but which would be brought to the stand with the balloons too much into the picture.

So that would be so my ideas what I hold noticed Sun

B. DeKid

PS: @ MoritzK.

Because I just came in your comments via email - Thank you, but there is no sound that I have deliberately left out - not because the was not good enough but because I already felt right at the beginning s.Di morning to make the Ray we call silent movie out of it should order to ultimately bring the message - do something good in others to front.
A musical accompaniment might have been an idea.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Piers" wrote:

- Person "American" come to the coffee machine, which can be seen perhaps in the gate, leave, then next in the movie

Yes, the idea I had was synonymous unfortunately there is not much space - otherwise I like it when you let go of the synonymous / one person to an object.

Thanks for your tip.

B. DeKid

Antwort von domain:

Yes, I would have said synonymous: cut after the first coming in and a rather different setting (eg, close-up) with a temporal leap forward. And logically synonymous, that even might be the next setting an action mentioned s.der coffee machine.
Somewhere we have discussed before, that the exact chronology of the section is not required, but certainly jumps are possible as long as they condense the plot and do not contradict the visual logic.

Antwort von Corpse:

No-contrast perspective
Dramaturgy? no voltage
Rhythm-section does not exist
-The Picture is extremely muddy and looks broken
-No suitable soundtrack

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Corpse" wrote:
No-contrast perspective

What do you mean - change regarding the image details?

Antwort von Corpse:

exactly change the Picture settings.

Antwort von domain:

B. DeKid has not even claimed the right to seek to establish a Hitchcock work. But we are learning constantly to specifically synonymous, not even a script that is sufficient, but should exist in addition to storyboards precisely synonymous. May God abhüten that I will ever be staged filming, it would probably quite hard and is creating not alone.

"Hitchcock was a specialist not only for this or that aspect of the film, but for every picture, every shot, every scene (Story Board).
Better than with the words of François Truffaut, one could hardly identify why Hitchcock's films so fascinated Alfred. And not just the younger avant-garde of that time, the German auteur cinema and the Nouvelle Vague, but synonymous, and until today, the general public: It is the focus on the setting, the individual film image that is of acting as mere particles overall structure of a narrative as it were emancipated. Not only the aircraft assembled sequence or even the film as a whole, but each setting is perfect in itself and consistent. "

Antwort von B.DeKid:

We have here for our "Color" is a very well thought out written script.
But the storyboard and the scenes just scheduled timetables and etc. has a lot of time claimed.

So I can understand because daas what really appeals Corpse.

What s.szenischen domain work is fun, is the quasi-one states already before the picture exactly.
The play with light in the case s.besten actually with.


The "movies" here now that we were surprised the first example where there is the bum, really should be a bank, but apparently that is cleared away for the winter time. ;-)

incorporate issues such as reminder, I think detail shots. synonymous actually very important because they underscore containing certain issues. There would have been offered as

- Geschäftsman s.Geschäft long runs and looks over (CloseUp)
- Go with the mentioned point to the machine
- Incoming coffee cup
Businessman reaches the cup Penner CloseUp shall take the hand of the businessman and that of the Penn s.Becher.
- Close the receptive Penner bargain puzzled looks.

That would be so points / views have been the one would have to bring / can.
Perhaps because I had thought of as split-screen images.

Dramatugie ... I mean when I told my Dad of the idea he was not very enthusiastic, he said where is the sense about the joke

I then said I would not exactly fit aqber joke or right conclusion.
Remains each viewer to himself what he envisions as vortsetzung.

Clearly, the businessman could have given the bum a business card as a symbol "Here my boy have ne chance"
All this points to squeeze in 1:30 I received was not possible.


What I find it good that we share it here and so everyone look out certain aspects and can use them for his own ideas and then works - because it's good I think a lot of holding.

For that I thank you ever!

B. DeKid

Antwort von joerg:

Finally, as DeKid of a film, Congratulations, beautiful film.

We (film office Cologne) publish our movie until after the gala.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Thank you Joerg - You have almost two of us to move ;-)

Bin gspannt what you have done so.

FastArt is synonymous with what NEN few guys made, We'll see when to set the on_____.

Ray and I are always curious where / when and what is seen for what further review it.

So if you find which then posts the times but please - interested us.

B. DeKid

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