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Frage von B.DeKid:

So it is slow so far I would like to buy a fixed telephoto lens.

Now I have two views in mind

Leica APO 280 f2.8

Nikon 400 f3.5 AIs

both not just more but I think the jöngsten both of the top quality.

Ok both synonymous not so easy but this later one more question.


So I'd be the first time this intressieren whether someone may have already worked with one of the two.
And can confirm as I found the experience of quality reports bzgl etc.

Furthermore intressiert me whether someone has already worked with s.Film project involving large tele Lenses were used?
Here I would appreciate any tips.


So and the end would intressieren me - what clever Sachtler Tripods / Heads would recommend her for missing part weight.

Because so my Manfrotto may indeed stem from s.Gewicht by some (I know of the L IS lenses) but I? This more of a video head.


Yes so now would be the times that my questions - Yes really not all are daily, but I just hope this time maybe someone here I think perhaps the right one can answer my questions.

B. DeKid

PS: The week I can both look at me on the spot - and I must admit that if they both do not really appeal to me right away I thought the whole agreement of frustration to me and the new 70-200 L IS USM II Amazon would have because the I looked at the dates and times closer I found the course very horny and that would be a / the fix already worth - so I at least.


Antwort von srone:

hello b.dekid,

specifically to the objective, I can not say anything, but about tripod even more.
would be nice to know, what the whole weighs together and what it may cost.
But as the first response, a larger head is always quiet, but then just synonymous harder and more expensive.

in the above focal lengths is not much anyway with the swing on, but is restricted to compensate by schwenkarmverlängerung.




Antwort von B.DeKid:

I guess with Rig, Camera and Lens, etc it is so located at 6 pounds

The pan is no more I was really aware of, just not what may for a tripod head combination you recommend so I think yes, the times, ENG / ENG Tripod here may be the right.

Do not be so Legginess, rather what was synonymous mean anything next to bottom can be adjusted.

Just wait a minute 2-3 bzgl Sachtler Tripod recommendations, then I try their website like themselves

Should then be just what what you will have more fun.
If after possibility under 10 pounds in order to remain outdoor suitability.

B. DeKid


Antwort von gast3:

the two lenses, one can say that they represent excellent, were for years the reference par excellence in terms of analog photography, numerous top-tier photographers zBhaben these glasses were used and their joy with them. (Norbert Rosing, Fritz Pölking)
With the 3.5 / 400-IFED Nikon I synonymous worked and I can only wiederholen.Die operation is really very good, the inner focusing is incredibly soft and easy dbzgl. did not compare with today's autofocus (but no more mans need as synonymous)
The Leica will be all Labs will score, I know but not from practice.

The question one should ask whether today's (comparable) Lenses for Digital Video u.HD are at least equivalent in performance and also by the AF performance as well as the interplay with the housing problem (when original optics come to the train) is better and are faster to operate safely.
Of the target you EF 70-200 2.8 L IS is one such example and if you need a 300 .... Canon's 4 / 300 L-IS is also an absolute top look!

may need to install for both above Lenses would you adapter order s.Deiner 7D and so play like an original appearance would not be all that, remember the weight of this thick things!
Optics Tripod again, the 7D has behind it, such an adapter had to be made very well!

In order to film with such a combination, you need probably a DV 12, if it is to be a Sachtler ENG 2CF with the legs ....

Or synonymous offer in the new thread: verk. Sachtler DV -8


Antwort von srone:

hello b.dekid,

if properly should be good then I would suggest you this:

sachtler 12 SB ENG 2 MCF, 100mm shell ca 4000, - ¬

slightest possibility of sachtler:

sachtler fsb 8, only (!) 75mm shell about 1700, - ¬

Both tripods with mid spin.

but go to build themselves and waving before you buy, had pretty much everything s.köpfen and stative in the hand, and each model offers so his special before-and cons, which one, without having it built and operated times, does not recognize , and which are synonymous perceived subjectively very different.




Antwort von Jake the rake:

I call my 70-200 (1:4 L USM) synonymous like "zoomable Fixed Focal Length";)

should consider the advantage to you is that you synonymous (can do quickly) good photos ...

And if one synonymous (less swing) will, if you have to swing times are you looking for a good head ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

I thank you for your answers.

At the same time had been requested in the Leica forum times

(Very good guys there - had everything in advance reads what I found to the said Leica)

The Nikon I had now for about six weeks in mind - now I've just along the extra money and they'll (the Lenses) watch me this week views.


Yes, the new Canon Lenses so of which I am certainly already known.

Well I'll Lenses ankucken the old times now - and then consider times.

The tripod with the recording I will loose in such large bodies via rig. Otherwise, the weight distribution is mantains not optimal.


Sachtler Tripods Bzgl of residues, because I'll probably seek out a opaar addresses in the space Wiesbaden Frankfurt Mainz, and a few addresses in the Cologne Dusseldorf must then be tested on site the things.

I'm now just look at the Sachtler Page and look if anyone is listed as if Dealers.
Will probably now be the first sensible.

B. DeKid


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