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Experience with the "shifting" effect

Frage von Ludwig H.:
Februar 2006

Hello, folks

I currently work for the first time so really with the effect Distort> Offset (AE 6.0 Pro) and have time, a fundamental question. The project looks short, so that my pictures to the values of an animated particle swarm will be added.

Put "I turn to the image material, which means, logically, that this is again moved horizontally and vertically, at each distortion level. The images then slips indeed virtually around these same values from the Kardrierung or from the composition limits.

With a low distortion, we might refer simply to upscale the picture a bit and take the minimal loss of quality, Purchase, or gibts da ne other solution?
Now, when I worked with a very strong bias (which is the case with me), is already problematic. Has anyone else any experience with sowas or tip?

Would be very happy ...

Antwort von Ludwig H.:

Synonymous've already checked in an earlier thread:


There's been synonymous nen link, which is now dead, unfortunately for executing.
Would still be grateful for answers ...

Antwort von Stefan:

I can not begin so much


Put "I turn to the image material, which means, logically, that this is again moved horizontally and vertically, at each distortion level. The images then slips indeed virtually around these same values from the Kardrierung or from the composition limits.

To the displacement map effect, there are nice tutorials:

Rabinowitz_aharon http://www.creativecow.net/articles/after effects.html #

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Ludwig H.:

Many thanks stefan.
the 'invisible man' I already knew.

I'm sorry if I expressed myself understandable, but is synonymous difficult to grasp in words - and unfortunately I have no possibility here reinzustellen screenshot one.
I try to describe my project a little more detail. The problem is that I am a non-object, which will distort the map moves through a displacement. but the video material, behind which lies a moving displacement map will be distorted.

it's basically about the visualization of fragrance. All should look similar hot, shimmering air - or as the 'tam-effect' of predator. it should therefore take a 'duftschwade', but which one sees only because it is distorted by the movement of the background. they 'creep' of the left into the building and then right back out of the picture.

I have this creates a particle swarm, which is tuned in its motion on the video material.
now I want to put the video material distortion (using 'just) and the particle swarm is my displacement map. dhsden make s.denen, the particle swarm is just, 'flickers', the video material.
synonymous works great so far.
distortion as I have, however, set a very high degree, and so yes, the video material distorts results in left and right, where the image edge is even with distorted, so to speak, cuts in the video material. If I replace pixel 'dial, unfortunately, brings me nothing, because one can immediately see that s.den edges anyway what is wrong. If I replace pixel '' does not select, you can see, logically, the compositional background fall through - in my black, which is useless to me synonymous.

have now found a kind of temporary solution: occurs when the particle swarm in the left side I only distorts LEFT, so that I can draw anything FROM LEFT into the picture. then the same as in the reverse on the right side. unfortunately, there are synonymous, s.denen the swarm onto the left or right, the image edges affect synonymous - temporary means of blatant keyframe-action resolved. But I do wills not too long.

maybe someone has an idea?

Antwort von Stefan:

Screenshots do you get in here, if the picture is using normal www.imageshack.us to discard, and here the link reinstellen.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Jörg:

If possible, I would increase the level, then the distortion occurs authentics outside your field of vision. Otherwise, put the footage even on the purely natural and not too distortionary effect, and circumcise or masking it so that it is not the distorted sites are visible.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Ludwig H.:

dank s.stefan. coole sache this imageshack. first thing I can jump two sample frames uploaded (hope it worked).

I have to clarify the composition once placed on a white background. bottom right is the problem to see: the effect draws white parts, which really are not in the picture into the image area into it.
zum Bild

synonymous Jim's (many thanks solutions synonymous), I had previously tried. The hook is that the undesirable distortion in my case even relatively far juts into the picture, with a minimal distortion would presumably be no problem. upscale but then falls away.
with Jörg second variant is also the problem that the distortion too far into the building. I made so that virtually a copy of the videos is about the distorted video, but only a small part of which is shown on the right (the rest is wegmaskiert). only "narrow" is just unfortunately not all, but too wide. looked very strange if the effect so far away from the rim ends abruptly.

synonymous've already tried a copy of the video materials put video material on the distorted to:
zum Bild
but there is this black border, maybe we can wegbekommen that somehow, the'll try.

Antwort von Jörg:

Then try to limit the effects of the effect. Stop the particles by creating a wall in effect, steer the spread over the life of the particles, Reduce the size of your displ.map., But the problem should be solved sein.Du can create a mask with an extremely soft edge, playing with transparency and blend modes.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Stefan:

Uiuiui. As much taste is called for. Basically I have with my "solution" proposed a mat used as synonymous has Joerg. That with the wall, I might try soon ;-)

The first is in the composition 1 (Picture # 1) bebastelt one Bazillenschleuder. The light / dark values are used to deform after the video image. Black and white is later deformed nothing much, so after being worked with luminance. Particular effort I have not given me. Everything mostly default settings, except the white color of the particles.

# 1
zum Bild

The Rohpartikel I was still somewhat alienating. To not play around while s.Partikelsystem and s.Weichzeichner, I opened a new composition 3rd Here in Picture # 2 I have with the blur, the particles marked with a soft edge to occur after any hard misalignments in the video image.

# 2
zum Bild

At the same time I have introduced a mat, which limits the range of the particles. The mat can be seen in Picture # 3, where it is tentatively switched on. The mat I've drawn in PS. The soft edge is painted * Pi thumb. Unfortunately it was not enough to limit the effect s. below the screen enough. Therefore, I have the Matt position vertically offset by 20 pixels up. Sowas is seen at play around ;-)

# 3
zum Bild

And the Composition 3 is now used for aerating the video image in composition 2 (Picture # 4). As a measure of the displacement of the luminosity emerges.

# 4
zum Bild

And because the screenshot with 256 colors looks so ugly, I have attached the final outcome still in Picture # 5.

# 5
zum Bild

S.dieser is somewhat inelegant method:

Because the mat is in Composition 3 you can not just animate the layer comp 3 in Composition 2, if you want to animate the position of the particle source.

One would mitanimieren the mat and would not cover more with the Letterboxrändern from the video image.

One needs to make in this case, the animation at the level Comp 1 in Composition 3 and the mat can be fixed.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Ludwig H.:

Thank you so far schonmal.
Now had no more time to work next, but s.Montag again when I get the material in full quality. 'll Then test Stefans variant mal ...



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