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HDV EXPORT aus Final Cut Pro HD / i Movie

Export HDV from Final Cut Pro HD / i Movie

Frage von galetto:
Juli 2009

Hello dear people here in the forum, I have a task for the solution of which I am asking for support. I film with a SonyHDR-FX1000 synonymous 1080/60i or 24p. I get this data easily imported into FC. If I spend the movies but I am somewhat at a loss what concerns the parameters of the output. I want to play your movies on a multimedia player Popcornhour NMT A100 ", which actually creates all format. The size of the output file and the duration of the rendering are synonymous to me is not important, only the quality of the image is crucial. I transferred the original MPEG2 clip of the camera on the multimedia player and am with the quality of the image (very satisfied; smooth super-sharp images!), Everything I export from FC looks blurred and jerky out! :-(; Can someone explain what the correct settings here are synonymous making top !?!?!? In iMovie, I no better results !?!?!?
Thank you for your support! Greeting Galetto

Antwort von hoffo:

If possible, export the format to leave immediately, either 60i or 24p.
The frame rates can be set to the current level and generate auto keyframes are actually already a good foundation.
But just post screenshots of your export settings.

Edit: Look at times synonymous http://forum.slashcam.de/-vp369222.html#369222 in this thread

Antwort von galetto:

Hello hoffo thank you for your tip that has already helped correct, the quality is much better, I'll experiment a bit and then I think I have it. I think "auto keyframes" is very crucial. Here I will report progress when I'm next! Viek Dank schon mal!

Antwort von hoffo:

Glad! Thanks for the feedback.

Antwort von galetto:

Hi All,

I despair!! I Ahbe with the tips of hoffo been able to make significant progress, I am satisfied but still do not.
I've tried out quite a few settings in FC Express, the next it does not go with the picture quality is not comparable to what issues the camera. I transferred the original MPEG 2 material on PopcornHour Media Player and it looks really great. Everything, however, I export from FCE is not nearly as good. I've adjusted the settings for importing s.The Camera (; SonyHDR FX) 1000 U.S. version of the synonymous works fine and looks onto the canvas of FCE synonymous great, but when I export the picture is either choppy or put up with pans small line effects which manifest themselves as sawteeth s.den edges. I always changed the format of the original 1440x1080 to 1920x1080, but synonymous with maintaining the original format !?!?!?!??! remain og Effects
I am quite perplexed, since it is possible to some extent, the quality of original images or to cut losses zsammenstellen to a film to be !?!!?!?!?!??!
The conversion would involve at 1920x1080 when I select the clips I then in what I create slideshows with FotoMagico!
I am very grateful for every little tip!

Antwort von Axel:

HDV 1440 provides x 1080 no 24p before. FCE does not know it, converts the footage to edit in the "Intermediate Codec" (; still, right?), And indeed in "i". Both here as synonymous in exports than in 1920 (; what codec anyway?) Caused the characteristic fields "saw teeth" and "lice combs. "Judder" is caused either by excessive compression, respectively. inappropriate codec for the player or through misinterpretation of the image frequency, which is a common problem in the wrong presets editing program. It would be important, therefore, has written as hoffo, your import and export (settings, so s.besten that synonymous alternatives are visible) to see. Make s.besten (a screenshot, Apple + Shift + 4, draw crosshair selection cursor), release the mouse button and hang it as an attachment.

Antwort von galetto:

Hello Axel,
Thank you once had for this basic information! That was not at all clear! I've attached the Screeenshots and hope to have the enough information!
Thank you ever taken the support!
Beauty rest on Sunday!

Antwort von Axel:

Unfortunately, there is not the native HDV in FCE. As always synonymous, the 60i for FCE should not be a problem. If they do, that's probably something with the export setting. I hope I'm not angry now, if I suggest, sometimes stairs down on a trial basis with Resolution 720 and iSquint export "for TV". Goes relatively quickly, and at least shows whether it is s.Export (ah yes, of course, can not hang out the "professional"!).

Whether there is a way to get s.das "24p" too? First of all, it capturet FCE so than normal HDV. In this

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