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Frage von kubauba:
Mai 2006

I am a Beginners and more than that, as far as Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, but I try to s.diesem program and has been synonymous a story done, now I do not know how to export or my HUSBAND has changed the settings and when ready I will normally exortieren on
Export> movie then I get 19 Gbytes can that be? And he now renders almost ne hour before about 10 minutes?

I would like exporterieren and later "to normal" run on DVD ....

can you help me?


Antwort von jeantier:

Howdi Anna

which may well be. I suspect these are the setting uncompressed, ie it would be to hire some 1.5GB/Min Ex Sound and alpha channel.

The key is the compressor which you want to use. Video data is compressed to a variety of ways and means. Depending on the application, there are there (and here variously described well) various forms of compression that focus mostly on the application and platform.

The settings of your husband You can organize security profile to save ADOBE Prem.

It is helpful if you angibst with, for what you want to use the film / video.

So you may be better served here.

the jean ANIMAL

Antwort von kubauba:

hello jean animal!

> It is helpful if you angibst with, for what you want to use the film / video.
das ist ne gute frage! I have exported the first film as an mpeg (divx) but it is powered on dvd not? And if I want to run this movie on laptop (beamer, etc.) while he plays these super s.aber dan he starts to jerk or the film becomes slower. I have found in this
Film stills, trailers and music is built in! S.Daten Is it perhaps too much?

I just want it on a DVD and I do not run constantly need to take my hard drive ... then play back the data on a laptop ... it could be synonymous s.einem laptop does not have enough power?

heyho those

Antwort von jeantier:

Hola again Anna,

MPEG4-based video are actually the right way, when the video is to run not only on a DVD player and if the stupid Halbbildsch ... would like to avoid.

When used in a DVD player with MP4 function is jerky, the dataset is too high. Generally, we recommend 6MB / s to max. 7.5MB / s constant bit rate as CBR, therefore, or 6-8MB / s) and VBR (variable bit rate running safely.

Want to spend only videos on DVD (video), then at least use the MainConcept export settings (am now not sure whether I as AFX and Premiere confound) the premiere as default mitliefert.

So MPEG2 PAL (if required for the Central area) embedded * / Program or Integrated MPEG2 video stream, the basic settings in Mainconcept are then run on each case.

* means sound nand Picture in a stream

Search time after the terms MPEG2 or MPEG encoding. Synonymous'm still new here, otherwise I would have posted you a link.

Currently running to

"optimal settings for MainConcept Encoder
by kerberos on Wed 24 May, 20 "


the jean ANIMAL


Antwort von Wiro:

Hello aNNa,
You write that you committed Premiere Pro 1.5 and have completed a first story, which you now want to "make normal" run on DVD. Actually, this is so familiar a routine story that I almost could not believe it extra down.

A blank DVD burner in your basket, then into Premiere File> Export> DEAL ON DVD.
Then under CODING = PAL DV 4x3 6MB VBR 2 pass or PAL DV 4x3 7MB CBR 1 pass (adjusted as needed) and then under DVD recorder "record".

Depending on how long your video is now you can go with your husband a coffee drink while Premiere does anything for you. The file is rendered, then burned to DVD and ejected. Thats it. In this approach, NO menu is burned onto the DVD. If you put the DVD into the player lay the film starts - without much Herumgeklicke via remote control.
Gruss Wiro

Antwort von jeantier:

This is truly the shortest description,
and a theoretical optimum, if it
are no problems, great, but how the
Practice shows it sometimes makes sense
make a little independent and
knowing why you do it - just then
if there are problems.

Are even in Writer, Maestro etc
certain standards suddenly no longer
And you sit there, usually to a nonreal
Time of day, where None can explain a somewhat
And wait - is not without reason - on
Replys to another you can help.

Thanks Wiro You have the basic settings and the
Best way of doing it ... if it reflects expected
problems arise, the use MPEG2 encoding
and burn it with your burner software as
Video DVD, since you have then usually simple but
functional menus for Choice. Sometimes
übefordern finished Tools of the section programs
the burners, especially on older models.

Both ways funz ...


the jean ANIMAL
PS. the jean ANIMAL once dreamed of a time where there are only
Press ENTER needed sleep, and went s.nächsten day all ready
was ... ;-) ... it was such a wonderful stress-free illusion that it did not wake up even more ... ;-)

Antwort von Thomson:

"You write that you committed Premiere Pro 1.5 and have completed a first story, which you now want to" make normal "run on DVD. Actually, this is so familiar a routine story that I almost could not believe it extra down.
You will not believe I almost did not dare to write with a contribution to my knowledge, but ....

ISCH AABE GAR NO DVD burner ... thats problem, I will burn through the normal mpeg and then later with a buddy on dvd .. and I have to draw synonymous already done just the dvd does not recognize the avi file although other play can? Now we have the options changed> naja rather my man! and want to reload on Export> movie coming pixel errors and the file is now only 234kb big? (have been 19 Gbyte then 234kb)

is synonymous went before, only the first film with my (approx length 16 min / 2.8Gbyte later), the film began to jerk ...? And I at this, because panic s.end still get a fat Trialer dranhängt!

many thanks ;-)
I hope you can still help!


Antwort von jeantier:

I will now not be so spiteful WIRO,
but that is what I meant.

Hola Anna,

In both cases, you can synonymous data
save as a DVD on a medium Wehchsel
(external hard drive, USB stick with sufficient

at WIROS variant, it would be the root folder
Save your video files (instead of burn,
But there is more WIRO the premiere specialist)

eg MeineDVD (folder with Video and AUDIOT

In this case, your friend simply copies the data from the
Videot And that's it

Or you take the MPEG2 Program Stream with
Your friend and import it on video as a DVD Medienfile
And we can do the rest of the burner software ergo the DVD.

But really it should under the heading Premiere
Hauf, contributing to give sowas ...

the jean ANIMAL

PS. WIRO seems really fit into DVD authoring to be, in his note Keberos are optimally


PPS. And as has already been written, the variance of your data sets based on the settings of your compressor (CODEC) which you used. You could be synonymous Genrell the uncompressed stream to bring your friend, but why render twice and generate huge amounts of data, if you want to create a priority in any case a DVD.

Called WIRO has the advantage of the setting and save the DVD as a data file

Antwort von Markus:

"Anna" kubauba "" wrote:
or ... My MAN has changed the pre-settings ...

Men! ;-) I hope he still remember what setting / s, he has changed? Indeed, it is almost impossible to provide an accurate remote diagnosis with so many unknowns.

Okay, we ran our keys: You said the film had with the previous settings, 10 minutes needed for exporting, and now it takes 1 hour. How long has that movie? And as the project settings look like?

Related topic:
Video> ... > DVD

Antwort von Kurti:

Guys, I habs ;-)

it works! If we then know everything first, it's all not soo schwerr! Dear, thanks for the super-class support ;-)

I will respond heranwagen now s.meinen third film, and certainly myself again ....

it reads ...

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