Infoseite // Export from PC to camcorder - Magix Deluxe 2007 2007 PLUS

Frage von Samb1:

I want to finish my film again cut back on the camcorder to play (that transfer the data from the camcorder to the PC has worked wonderfully) My camcorder has obviously dv in and out. Export as AVI - DV works until the date of issue. Now I have an AVI file (which I can then easily be synonymous) but I do not can be set via Firewire.
Who can help me


Antwort von Markus:

If Magix refuses to try the previously stored on hard drive DV-AVI file with just


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Unfortunately, you write nothing about error messages or other inconvenience. I have the FX1 almost synonymous get a seizure, because it comes Verrecken not work wanted. The FX1 should be recording in playback mode (!) Are located. The above reads rather quickly in the manual "... set to VCR." Try the look out, maybe you want the camcorder so synonymous have?
BG, Andreas


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