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Frage von Samb1:


I have a film I play back on camcorder (record) would like. There is an option as a DV-AVI export. It makes everything synonymous but if the file (avi) is created, nothing will be burned on the camcorder. I do not know whether it is s.mein camcorder. It is a SonyDCR HC47E. He has no DV in DV but out!

Could it be due?

If the camcorder on "tape" is Magix and transmits the frames, the switches, a camcorder and takes on the film but not just like a camera. If the camcorder of player mode is, nothing happens.

Thank you very much!


Antwort von C.I.W:

"Samb1" wrote: He has no DV in DV but out!

Überleg times exactly what is probably behind the DV in and DV out hides. 5. English class? Not out?
In = Input
Out = Output

If your only a DV Camera - Out, then unfortunately you can not play movies on it.


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