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Frage von wallenstein:

Wanted to export it back into Pro cs4 ready cut film on a video tape of my Canon HV30 camcorder. In Pro CS4 set all the parameters under Beschreibng of Adobe and your camcorder is in playback mode. Pro CS4 controls for importing of raw materials from the HV30 camcorder wonderful. So the camcorder of Pro
detected. Also mentioned in the export of the finished film onto Tape
jumps back to the camcorder, looks for the ones given in Pro timecode on the camcorder and begins with the dubbing. Unfortunately, the monitor of the camcorder shown here is no Picture (; monitor remains blue) and the camcorder will record only this blue synonymous Picture.
These are computer hardware, what should be übespielt. Pro DV has been synonymous in my input. Surely there must be well s.eine maladjustments amCamcorder lie. Who ya gonna call?


Antwort von wallenstein:

Painting immediately answers himself:

So, after I clicked on the top right of the Monitor Pro CS4 this tab icon to open a tab and then on "Playback Settings" and in the opening screen "real-time input" in "External Device" in any current DV DV: 25 729x576i click. Also under "Exported" in "External Device" also "DV: 25 729x576i click" and then onbestätigen with.
If HDV footage is sure to click to another target. I have not yet been tried.


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