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Frage von henric-a:


I would like my Of my SonySR11 recorded export full HD mts files into something less good or even better, avi mpeg files, so maybe I can grab them on DVD so I can make this available to my mum.

The image quality after the export is very bad in my eyes. Both with the built-in mpeg encoding, as synonymous with the XviD or DivX codec it is not very great in the Picture. Am I wrong in assuming that a video that has previously 1920x1080 pixels, with 720x576 still look after very well should, as one knows of DVDs?

Do I need to make special settings. The bit rate I have already increased. Only when I return the files with full HD resolution export, the quality is okay, just that I do not get it on DVD.
My owner of the CAM is very helpful to me, and I sent a avi file, which is synonymous to "only" 720x576, and with the XVid codec was created.

What am I doing wrong.

I am a complete beginner in the field, but otherwise technically IT occupationally fit. I beg your indulgence if such information should be missing, I am happy to delivery.

Thank you very much


Antwort von CommiXV:


So since you erstmal only scale down, s.der quality is likely to change anything, the picture will stop smaller.
Now, if you re-encode the whole, is of course synonymous at the expense of quality, but actually in the unique encoding system should not be a complete disaster ending :-)

Which program do you use version, it has been updated?
Schonmal checked on whether there is your problem has already been discussed and resolved?



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