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Frage von Leander:

I have a problem and hope that someone can help me here:

I have a svcd with a 24-minute film, which is in Russian with English subtitle, and I had to translate the subtitles for this task and then synchronize the whole again.

which has so far worked pretty well synonymous. in the premiere, I can now watch the entire film with my nice synchronization ... just how do I get those now in a svcd or dvd? because he is supposed to be played in a player.

And the only export function I have is in an avi ... But then what about 39GB is great ... And this is for 24 minutes but a little or a lot?

Well, that's where my problem ... So if it does not go as I would svcd synonymous can burn to dvd ...

And this option to be incorporated directly into premiere on dvd does not work ...

oh and if I try to play avi file with the media player, he makes a fatal error and must be stopped, although I have winamp in the picture but not a ton really great ... what have I done wrong? :-)

I am grateful for any advice.



Antwort von VolkerS:


which version of Premiere do you have? The newer s.6.5 have a "built-in" mpeg encoder that can output to SVCD or DVD.


Antwort von leander:

Thanks for the quick response!

I can tell you, unfortunately, not exactly which version is the ... So I have taken about one week before such a test version, since it is a rather unique sache.

there is only adobe premiere pro 2.0
but I'm assuming that this is not the version? :-)

But since then, my problem solved, basically, I've just compressed as a rar file and exported to behold, it works. With nero I could be considered as svcd and burn the dvd players, she plays synonymous.

the only problem is that now there is still that I have in the range of subtitles and the disorders often lousy sound quality is plentiful, but I think it can (or rather should) my "auftraggeber life":-D

thanks anyway.



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