Infoseite // Export single frame into 16:9 brings 4:3 bitmaps

Frage von PaulBankhofer:

Hello folks!

I have tried with Adobe Premiere, a few individual frames as images to export. the video material is captured as 16:9 has been and seems synonymous with the edit in this format. synonymous export settings of my knowledge, I set to 16:9 (if I did not overlook or not know) ...
The bitmap that rauskommt, but it is 4:3 (whether it is now exactly 4:3 I hjabe not measured, but the relationship comes out ... imdatei info is 720 pixels wide, height 576 pixels) ...

Has anybody an idea what's wrong? what have I forgotten, overlooked, or understand I do not know?

Thank you for your help,

yours Paul.


Antwort von spacecpt.:

no idea I would be interested but synonymous, have just tried and it is the same

You are what you is.


Antwort von beiti:

720 x 576 it's the standard PAL format, no preference whether 4:3 or 16:9. (Keyword: rectangular pixels) simple image viewer can not display the correct aspect ratio, so it looks squeezed out.

If you take the pictures outside of Premiere want to use, they constructed s.besten to 1024 x 576 pixels in order. Then you have square pixels, each image program.


Antwort von Erich:



Antwort von Quadruplex:

So isses. Good for this purpose and for free:


Antwort von PaulBankhofer:

Thank you very much!

That really helped.


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