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Frage von Modehilli:

I've been working for some time with Premiere 5.1 to the complete satisfaction .. Now that I changed the operating system to Windows XP have, I can export your videos, I've worked with Premiere 5.1 no longer breaks or just before completion of the export "less than a minute" starting with the error message "There is an error in creating of the film occurred. There was an error writing the file. Maybe the drive is full. " On the hard drive but they are still 32,405,530 KB free. I have already tried with several codecs and not synonymous. Uncompressed export creates a file is created with 23,405,530 KB. When compressed export, for example, with miroVIDEO MJPEG 32-bit codec, the file is about 4 GB in size, but you are not readable. The preview in Premiere works fine. Where have I made a mistake.
Would be very grateful to you for a speedy response.


Antwort von Markus:


The phrase "never change a running system" throws me to the question of why you have changed the operating system. Had previously not something will work correctly? Premiere 5.1 is the system requirement for suitable for Windows XP?

I hope you have an image of your computer ...

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