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Frage von bookert:

Hello s.Alle,

I need your help. I film a variety of events and would like to export the cut material ideal for the Web.
I've tried many things do not come to an optimal outcome.

a few "Facts"
I own a Canon XL1 3CCD Digital Video Camcorder PAL.
Capturing and cutting done in Adobe Premiere 1.5 on Windows XP.

(when exporting, the premiere with the Media Encoder) but I just do not find the optimal settings for web video in the format 640 * 480 or 320 * 240 pixels.

I would be glad if you can help me what settings are optimal (for the Web; codecs, capture specific settings).

Note: I take (;) rather faster motion (, dancing, running) for the videos.


Antwort von hlindner:

Can the Media Encoder to spend no Flash?
WEB is optimal for the Flash format or Quicktime synonymous.
MPEG Streamclip can convert AVI to many other formats. The image size synonymous You can set yourself.
License: Free
Here's the link:


Antwort von bookert:

No he can not render in flv ....

I have a specific question ... which capture setting should I use of the camera to Premiere?

should we capture in PAL or at least in square pixels? As I said my camera is described above and I want to create optimal web videos.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


For umrendern of eRightSoft Super You can use there, then tick deinterlace as synonymous wenns web fuers should be.

B. DeKid


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