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Frage von Blue Egypt:

Hi All,

I own a used XM1 recently did this and still Treat in the context of my limited budget, an external microphone, and eliminate some confusion for me regarding the connection of external microphones s.dieser Camera.

This camera has indeed in this class do not yet have an XLR input, but via a 3.5mm jack input. I did test shots with s.Wochenende schonmal way connected to test a simple microphone, which I had on hand. There is no model which was specifically purchased for the use of camera and synonymous (otherwise a very cheap solution, Sony, exact model, I can not name just now, unfortunately). Even with these simple solutions, however, I have noticed the enormous gains over the quality of the camera and microphones in particular the decoupling of the running noise of the action. The recording was then, however, synonymous only on one channel. This is certainly due to the fact that it is only a Monomikro (; cheap vocal mic) and the camera of stereo microphone input signals allows / expects. So now the following questions:

What is the easiest and cheapest way to overcome this problem and so erstmal (a Monomikro; whether to join this or any other)? Is there a setting in the cam, where can I switch to Monoeingabe? Is there a simple adapter plug that) the mono signal simply divided between the two stereo channels (, so pure and 3.5mm mono jack 3.5mm stereo out again?

During my research here on the search, I came upon a post where someone has referred to a so-called "camera cable", which can be had for 8 euros at Thomann. This is of XLR to TRS, and probably the mono signal of what the "right" XLR Micro split comes on the two stereo channels is. Is this a suitable solution? Then I could simply connect times for some applications a reasonable dynamic Micro, which I have lying around here even more synonymous for audio applications or purchase an inexpensive but serviceable time capacitor Stabmikro for the right camera applications, and if you have time to catch the sound.

What really makes this so Beachtek adapter, which (for the XM1/XM2, or is not available for general Cams with jack input)? He seems for such a small piece of technology costs too much. Hand, mentioned above, cable is not completely out of Thomann for my application?

Ultimately, I could go on a little regarding a recommendation to use for this camera suitable Shotgun-/Stabmikro. Price range should probably remain well below 100 euros. I now know that the response will vary in some way: "In that price range we recommend a micro." But ultimately we are talking really about an increase over the built-in micro best price for. And it should be possible. Also in this price range you should be able to differentiate between different qualities.

Thank you!

best regards


Antwort von hofnarr:

The cheapest way is to solder yourself if you want to have a microphone, the mono signal on both channels. The simplest possibility would be for the purchase of some thomann:

Both are not technically the best, because the benefits of the balanced signal by implementing wasted. it may work anyway.

The adapter of beachtek, juicedlink provide studio1 etc., in the simplest designs, at least the symmetry of the micro adapter to ensure only the short stretch from the adapter to the recording device is asymmetrical. the more expensive battery-powered adapter usually offer integrated preamp for brustschwache signals and useful features like phantom power, mixer, pan controls and the like.

in the price segment below 100 euro would occur to me not a serious report micropipette can thomann some of the peculiar brand of micros well be worth a try. usual suspect in the cheapest rode ntg-2, would be at existing phantom power, the RODE NTG-1 or the audiotechnica at875r. the latter would be my recommendation wenns be cheap, but still should be useful.


Antwort von Blue Egypt:


Thanks for the reply and the tips.

This XLR adapter solutions, unfortunately, are somewhat more expensive, as far as I've seen. Since I probably put on a micro-directional with power using the simple Battery and camera cable of Thomann. In the longer term there will be times, perhaps one of the Rode mics, which you have recommended. I would leave synonymous nor s.der next, better camera, possibly for many years - perhaps the same with right XLR connector. For now, I'm experimenting again with probably a cheaper solution. As I said - everything is now erstmal an improvement on the micro-camera and the really loud running noise of the device.

What is really with the extra 5V (?) Power connector s.der XM1 about? The jack sits above the actual entrance. What a class mics is that? They must indeed be of the following erstmal designed so that they receive an additional time a feed current and secondly to content himself with 5V. That's what I know of most of the "true" condenser microphones but otherwise, because of 48V power supply and so ...


Antwort von krummhorn:

You should definitely the small micro-directional Sennheiser MKE 400
try (approx.200, - with Fellwindschutz).
The all-metal micro is a mono-Richtm. but has a stereo plug
s.einem kameragerechten (since recently) coiled cable.
Two sensitivity levels allow the operation with almost all the cams
with autom. Audio Control.
I had the 1st part s.der XM .... very good results.
Indeed it has! : In principle, never to an external Micro
The camera's accessory shoe to operate!
Since zBein adhesive shoe to the tripod is pasted, the much better solution.
Best regards jürgen


Antwort von hofnarr:

Blue Egypt "wrote: What is really with the extra 5V (?) Power connector s.der XM1 about?

presumably you mean the micro jack above.

in bedienungsanleitung for the us version gl-1, it is called "5v terminal" means, and otherwise not mentioned next. canon probably because his own soup has cooked. a supply voltage of a few volt s.mikroeingang (similar to a tonaderspeisung, only with lower voltage) can be found on some cameras, sometimes it is synonymous in the menu can be activated. as a separate jack to me is someting but not yet met.

s.solche "active micro inputs" can be, depending on plug_pinning many electret-condenser microphones with 3.5 mm jack eg from the computer area or special "video connect microphones. Some funk stretch ansteckmikros there for work too. a full-fledged micro-capacitor with phantom power to operate does not run with this speiseart.


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