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Frage von emb-springer:


I use to create videos of skydiving helmet a camera in which my SonyPC330 in a box protected.

The recording of O-tones are lousy sound and understandably after "plastic buckets" to ...

Now I'm on the lookout for a possible small and lightweight external microphone that I would like to join Jack.

The jack is with "MIC (Plug Power)" on ... this means that the Microphone with power, or do I need Eiene separate power supply for the MIC?
The Bed.Instructions gives no information ...

Has anyone an idea / source for me?

Thanks in advance ...


Antwort von fokuss:

I would imagine s.deiner a "normal" or ansteckmikro more space if you have a larger stereo micro-arrange (googlePromo times or forum) and this then with a thick windschutzfell equip. I'm not experienced fallschirm film, but much better can the sound to the free fall is certainly not without a major space and cost record. with a hair dryer or ventilator can be seen s.boden the approximate capacity of a wind-free microphones.

gruß felix


Antwort von emb-springer:

Inconspicuous is exactly right ... but can anyone say something about the supply?
My camcorder delivers one?

Bezgl. Windfell ... it's not about me recording the wind noise in the free fall, but the recording of "first words" of a Tandem money after landing :-)
Perhaps it goes without ...


Antwort von Markus:

"emb-springer" wrote: ... but can anyone say something about the supply?
My camcorder delivers one?

There are three types of care facilities: The microphone input (3.5 mm jack) of your camcorder delivers a voltage between 2.5 and 3 volts, which as a plug in power is designated.

In addition, there is a known as a phantom power supply, is clearly widespread than the above consumer solution. The voltage of a phantom can be defined as between 9 and 48 volts, where 48 volts is very commonplace. This may be a phantom power only in a symmetrical signal routing is provided, but not for unbalanced (like where your camcorder).

The Tonaderspeisung is outdated, so just a short note to indicate that this option is basically synonymous nor can give.

At a windshield, I would not want to do, because s.Ort landing, it must not necessarily be windy. ;-)


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