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Frage von stufi111:

am on the search for its good external hard disk, which I directly s.den TV etc can connect. 've heard, there is synonymous with the Rec.

Please order a lot of information and tips.



Antwort von Markus:

"stufi111" wrote: ... [...] with external hard disk recorder.
Are you looking for a HDD recorder (1) or a Media Center as a bridge from the PC to the TV (2)?

1) My favorite: Panasonic
2) Not my area of expertise.


Antwort von jazzy_d:

Mvix MX-760HD

I have full of joy s.dem part :-)


Antwort von stufi111:

So I'm looking for rather then latter.
I want this part s.meinen TV and my hi-fi system and thereby connect all my video / audio and fotodatein to play those instruments. das teil brauch lanfähig not to be me, it is USB2.0 connection to participate on the stock. what would be super if the part that television can still record.
I have those parts already found in the inet, but without anything really whether the information was already dinger suck.

Thank you in advance for your untrstützung my search


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