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Frage von blumshuett:

Hi All,

the following problem:

I have a with a DVD / HDD recorder recorded DVD (Holiday Film).
I would like to extract from the finished DVD video and audio stream, so that I may deposit it with Music.
What program can I?



PS: I do not want to create bootleg)


Antwort von wernergabriel:

"blumshuett" wrote: PS: I do not want to create bootleg)

A Schalck, he who thinks evil.

VOBs are mpgs.
Copy the VOBs to your hard drive. There, right-click and rename the VOBs to *. mpg.
De-Multiplex'en (separate audio and video) you can for example with TMPGEnc ( There, click on File and then select MPEG Tools ... Multiplexes (video and audio "stick together"), you also can with TMPG and with the same tool: the appropriate video and audio files in MPEG Tools menu, multiplex, and click Open Run.
TMPGEnc is license to the MPEG-2 transcoder, means free of charge. If you do not like so they can: There are infinitely many guides and posts about TMPG the web, usin this forum.


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