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SlashCAM'er Hello!

This is my first post here after I have many useful contributions have read. At this point, so just a thank you!

My baby then has now seen the light of day and need the feedback of course makes me ... so ready * g


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Hello and welcome to Kayak!

The film I like quite well, as first work! I know how difficult it is to reportagemässig to shoot when one has little opportunity scenes and settings need to be repeated! Seen: Good!

The best I have liked the actual kayak shots after the opening titles and the deposited synonymous Music! Fits!

Little ansprechend was all BEFORE the opening titles: The Be and go to the river is random and unmotivated. Actually, just as it's at filme mathematically synonymous arose: once-so-mitfilmen-to-we-are-there-and-then-try-it-ne-coherent sequence-to-tinker. If not managed and it shows!

Also, almost all cut-aways during the Kayak (helmet with drops, Van, hand on a blue tarp, etc.) are misplaced and searched. If I omit or, better, through which pass the exiting FROM Kayaker replace!

Synonymous, I think that this film, which is s.andere typical extreme sports movie anzulehnen attempts of a few more slow motion (the few that there are somehow always a bit too early aborted ...) and accelerations could still benefit!

Ev. would be one or the other setting in black and white is also an exciting idea?

Nevertheless, and overall a good, entertaining movie, which you can now build the Zweitlingswerk and thus can do better!


Antwort von Prinzregent:

Finds super good for your first work. It recognizes the you certainly have a lot of ideas from famous video "stolen" but what I've garnicht dreadful. Find synonymous, the toll has been filmed many commercials and even onboard. is certainly not as easy to climb around. respekt next so


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Correctly was fun to look - next thing.

B. DeKid


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