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Frage von Sugâr:

Good day dear professionals.

Initially, I emphasize that I am already looking stupid, but still no answer to that.

Initially, my setup:

I have a new NVIDIA graphics card with TV-OUT, diverstete software player (VCL Media Player)

and I have a Sony32 "16:9 widescreen TV
you can switch to: 4:3 / 14:9 / Smart / Zoom / Wide

connected via composite cable, (TV-out does not have SVHS out, and TV has no component input).

the proplem.

I get always a friend of several compressed (usually DIVX) movies, you watch me s.Tv wants. depending on the format, I must hold the television then either zoom or wide switch.
so far so good, that Proplem is still the most movies "eierförmige heads" did, not extremely but you notice it but the AUDIT AND disturbs me.
Typical example: the UNIVERSAL s.beginn characters from the movie (ie the globe) is not round but oval.

According to the forum here it's probably a story of the pixels uin terms of pixels of the TV (oblong "dots"?)
I hope you understand what I mean ..

I run the calculator at 16:10 TFT (20 "widescreen) if it has any meaning. However, I have the TV-OUT via DualView activated. So I can independent of each other Resolutions set.


Nvidia in, you can adjust things in great detail, here is the procedure of various speech uach have already set a lot but still not satisfactory Ergebenis:

1: With what should I Auflösuing operate the TV? look at the movies is the preference or no?

2. For some of the TV Resolutions starts after some time to "flicker", so he switches to switch between color and black / white and flickers. Often, but only after some time. high resolution (still have higher than 1024x something set)

3. How do I get this' egghead 'effect away? various settings in the player will change only the Picture s.PC TFT (4:3,16:9. etc)


Antwort von dj-senol:


the Sony16: 9 is a 1 years old tube TV!


Antwort von r.p. television:

"Good day dear professionals ....?"

If you want to know how to pirate watch with the best quality (and I go out like this if you shoot of various DiVX talk to you like your friend there), you should not apply s.Profis.
They want you do not provide information because they are synonymous and I do not support theft. Professionals to create films and indeed are not excited when other people without pay to enrich his or her want.
Intellectual property of others should be respected ....


Antwort von Sugâr:

I understand ..

although I am with you with your arrogant nature'm not sure whether you already synonymous as much money as I've spent for Spielfim DVDs!

The movies to which it is acting legally games videos of the game "World of Warcraft" so-called PVP videos. invite a friend to be down because he has broadband internet and synonymous wow such a freak and collectors like me. ( These films are usually in a 16:9 or 4:3 DIVX synonymous recorded, depending on the player Resolutionder used.
Because I'm on this topic is not wanted, I have the example with a conventional film brought (the UNIVERSAL character is known to be here, than any game or class cities ala Storm Wind and co)

I hope you "Profi (puppet)" you've calmed down again, and your paranoia that you steal what someone wants, or for a product that you've created have not paid back.

I am interested in, by the way, not bad (perhaps even synonymous of movies shot movies) that do not support 5.1, but mine is not yet known due to the illegal situation or what movies mp3 Music & film concerns bonze declared bankrupt, therefore veruteile I do not synonymous when someone such FIME or mp3 downloading.

As long as it is glamorous Oscar awards, and the film & music industry continues to bathe in money, I have no pity.

and now back to topic:
can anyone help with my Proplem please?


Antwort von dj-senol:

PS: @ rp television

I'm sure you have for your film or no idea at all what you do never photographs or graphics, or simply as synonymous Music used. 'm Sure you've always paid for each download. or did you always brought to the rights and get paid, if only synonymous for a private video was show you friends


Antwort von Markus:

Welcome to Austria ( "Sugar" and "guest" with the same IP address),

the notice of "rptelevision" is already correct, not least because synonymous operators of Internet forums that can be sued if their websites Tips for pirated copies are exchanged.

Moreover, it is not desired, when members of this forum verbally attacked and be offended. That has only meant that you would like to help more None, because nobody is sharp on anger.

So that the minds can be cool again and now no heated discussion on the pros and cons of the copyright from the fence is broken, can I close the thread until the next time I'm online again.
Liebe Grüße vom Moderator
Mark :-)


Antwort von r.p. television:

Had I already thought that since such a response - so because of "bonze not go bankrupt" and the "Film & Music Industry bathes in money."
If you're so jealous, why will not you put your energy in order himself what creative in their task and thus to earn money - instead of your energy to be wasted as you have any movies from the broadband download ...

Sure it happens every day in the media business that copyrights are being violated. Most, but rather from failure, ignorance or the author can not make a timely manner.

But I can reassure you:
I voted for my software and footage already spent so much that I like this a two-room apartment in Munich could buy. But is not available, because it is customary in the industry.
And to my DVD collection I do not enter ....

Perhaps you, I have even accused of improperly. If so does it to me sorry. But DiVX movies in conjunction with the 'Universal Brands "call halt to this suspicion.
The kind you like, but here and defend the industry, is rather to suggest self-righteousness with which you s.Eigentum other servants.

Liebe Grüße,
Your arrogant professional (Kasper)


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