Infoseite // FX1: external or internal microphone to interview?

Frage von Paul*Berlin:

Hello slashCammer,
did several interviews in the near future, to film the I, with my FX1. Now the question is: Should I use the internal or external? The external accessory shoe on (if it is only a synonymous EM9600) of course has the better (warmer) sound, but transferred despite shockmount is very noisy all the noise caused by touching s.Camcorders on the Microphone.
When using the internal microphone, you have the noise is very low, but this not so nice sound.

Should I use the external, and then has to pay more attention not to change during the speech of the interviewee settings, or resort to the Internal.

course would be best if I had a sound man who fishes, or does the interviewer the mic in his hand. For now booming but missing the hook that fits in your hand luggage, and when I got the mic in the picture, the material would break ranks, as have other interviews to be used in the same movie, is not synonymous microphone in the picture ...

If you can give me a tip, which is the better solution, that would be very nice!


Antwort von kgerster:

If you use the spider of Thomann SSM6 it is s.dieser. Which is totally ineffective. One possibility would be the handle of Rode:

Denkbar wäre synonymous das Micro auf einem kleinen Tripod zu montieren. Die gibt es (im Gegensatz zu Mikrostativen) in leichter and kleiner Ausführung (500g and weniger). Z.B. "Hama Star 8 "Light"

Dazu benötigst Du noch eine Reduziergewinde oder fummest eine Mikrofonklemme dran:

Alternatively, you could be synonymous to you for a cheap place to Lavaliermikro (if the interviewee can be a pin:

Das ist vor Allem sinnvoll wenn sich die Gespräche in lauter Umgebung abspielen:

This is of course all very cheap material with appropriate restrictions. But I suppose s.Du're on cheaper equipment from.


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