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Frage von chrigi00:

Hello Together
I am fresh s.drehen with the FX1000 and trying for a while, my material into Final Cut to get 6.0. It works perfectly with iMovie HD. But directly it will not.

I have already seen the tip with the project settings. Is that all. The problem is that I had the camera only s.Wochenende quickly and then have to go fast.

1st Do I set it like this:
Sequence: Pro Res 422 1440x1080 50i
Recording: DVC PRO HD 1080i50 48kHz

2nd Is there anything else?

3rd As I said with iMovie is running. Good for the Apple HDV Codec Inermediate?


Antwort von Jott:

Nonsense attitude. Go to "Easy Setup", put there is "HDV 1080i50" and well, the whole case is set as auto correct. This will save headaches and frustration. For Final Cut Pro HDV requires no intermediate codec (and certainly not the one who is actually so).

record in ProRes (it is what you envision?) is usually nonsense. You can later with native HDV in real time in a ProRes timeline work, if you like. Or "native cut" in HDV and can render with ProRes. Read over time the Apple document for processing various video - and broadcast formats through. There is all explained wonderfully when it's closer interest.


Antwort von chrigi00:

Nonsense, because then he has all the information of s.rendern beginning. Surpassing all s.end umrendern. Right? I need 1-2 times the SmoothCam and the 422nd runs faster
Then let's set up this attitude and hope. For the import, I can take any camera or must it be the FX1000? A HDVcam should be enough?

Thanks for the quick reply


Antwort von Jott:

Will work with any Sony HDV camera or deck.


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