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Good day,

I hope someone can help me with my problem help.
I am in possession of the Windows Movie Maker, and any attempt to create a film fails because my project is not in a movie can convert. I use the button "Save the movie" man will appear after titles, and ähnnliches filter, and then the destination format and has a first window displays the "film is created. Please wait.", With a time bar which does not expire followed then the message "Failed to create this movie. Try it again.", without further information. Come out of the movie files Verwendetten format (eg.. Avi or. WMV) with 0kb which is not playable. The project using Windows Movie Maker play works flawlessly, just this Project in a movie I can not transform möhlich. Where is the problem, so this so-called mistakes? Please help me.


Antwort von Markus:


Error messages like these to read here more often - but always without solution! Apparently only really helps the ever re-emerging proposal, the next time a "real" video editing program to take ... : - /


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