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Spielfilm in Schwarzweiss drehen?

Feature film in black and white turn?

Frage von jokraemer:
Juni 2010

I will be with a team s.October turn a feature film (about 82 minutes as per advertised script and storyboard). The plot is the story of an abduction of two bankers in Hartz IV fallen fellow citizens. Filmed with professionals in HD. My question: I would like to shoot in black and white, because the first much easier than Color; second it has some dramatic and aesthetic stimuli, a special look, so to speak, the man with low-budget funds is not easy in Color hinbekommt. Test shots have become thanks to the professional and very expressive actor already very promising. What is the opinion of one black-and-video?

Antwort von Pianist:

Mmmmhhhh ... So when I find the photos so fine, but now turn an entire film in black and white? I do not really ... Life is pretty colorful, even if one was kidnapped. And how do you take the boldness to assert, s / w is "easier"? On the contrary, I think it is very complicated things done from electronic cameras a really good black and white look. You'd better think of you a colored solution, which must indeed be pretty cool and contrast. People would evaluate a pure black and white film rather than technical error and wondering if what is broken.


Antwort von Alf_300:

Whether S / W is simple, as I would myself not so sure

Antwort von Axel:

SW is just not the same movie without color. are within of SW it possible to as many different styles (eg Tonreichtum, contrast, and grain, photographer of the old school, perhaps synonymous - silver have! - itself developed and enlarged, the know on crystalline photo grain-level) as with Color. Needless to say, is the impact synonymous different lighting concepts (keywords and Lowkey Highkey to make it much easier to touch on) on the style. Therefore, it is naive to say, SW was already "style".
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Zum Thema Stil zitiere ich mich selbst aus einem alten Thread:

"Axel" wrote:
The color of you doubted "corrections" are strictly Effects. In order to assess whether they are effect-iv, it must be measured s.der intended effect. Obviously, you is not 100% clear what is your own intention.

The fundamental problem in music videos is that the drama tends to occur in the background as the song structure also does not care about it. This leads to most any cut each other, with effects manipulated images.

Since you now but so assiduously take the third music video in attack, you should in my opinion this attitude quickly throw overboard. Think about the concept called extract, from the song, the key message / emotion. Find an action, a set, a color, a rhythm section, in short: A STYLE.

For Stylize estrangement is not just smart, it means the deliberate reduce the unlimited opportunities on the one exactly right, best, inconclusive, chopping down into the heart striking. If you have found the issue, the result is the style, and there is no uncertainty about it "color correction".

An example from your last music video I remember only vague, but the picture of the singer between two brick walls in the red light was strong. I associate a lot of content matching feelings synonymous with it. But it was a recording of many that you take as well as the millions of alienated send pictures from other music videos only from the angle of the eye to the attention. This could have been an issue that the video would have been able to develop graphically. It prohibits then, incise images that are not related to this Picture. The basic color is red (aggression, anger, blood, jealousy, but synonymous: Heat, heat, shelter), and all other colors are just one answer or a comment on this.

Black or blue? Who cares? You. You have to take care that everything is right, or any stuff thou art stringing next to each other, and can be sure that there is no interest.

And yet blue-eyed, the statement with SW is easier to turn. One thing is certainly true in 2010: Whoever turns in SW, which we assumed an intention. We see a style will (which should always be there). This awareness in the viewer is at first a barrier for it to focus on the history of film (you may at your tags suggest an emotionally charged story) unreservedly engage. On the superficial level SW effect is therefore more suited to an intellectual discourse, in which the viewer enters into a dialogue with the author. There are great examples where this discourse nevertheless extends back into subliminal regions - "The white tape" - but once we leave the church in the village.

Antwort von le.sas:

Technically I agree.

And for that I can tell you yet of dramaturgical Page tell her-s / w is absolute nonsense, it has no aesthetic and certainly NOT dramatic incentives. it is in most cases simply to spice up a weak story in which one of the other videos filmen7 apart, and the easiest on the plane there is.
it already has a basic example why cheap music videos or movies very often poor students in s / w be rotated

Antwort von Jott:

The decisions afterwards. Quiet Color in turn, in the post then yes you have now all possible ways. How would your scenes work in b / w or with greatly reduced saturation, you can turn the gross ever on a monitor with Color turned back check.

If s / f of ground but definitely wanted to, that's an art, especially in light of the setting. Since I would only do once properly test shots with subsequent grading.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

On the subject of S / W has been mentioned so now it is often used as a lamination.

So I save my Comment to it.

Especially because even slightly irritates me, especially since ;-) Naja but a few tips I would give you pleasure.

So since I have so two friends take pictures of the relatively high Potraits. Course, which comb synonymous ever thought of, "Come on, we sometimes take pictures, with digital cameras in our S / W"

Now I had to interject but get the DSLR Cams really a really nice B / W back.

So my first everything was generally TiP (to take pictures as RAW) in Color.

Only then s.PC the whole process of S / W.

Important is here but ....
the lower it with a pure Saturation (Ctrl + Shift + U, is in PS) is not done!

It is not so if one sheet of imaging in S / W / just want the colors out / to turn down.

(From my Perso. Visual experience)

Who has worked on today or back then often and with as much different KB or MF B / W shooting, of various providers like Ilford or Agfa, who knows some differences already.

Here is a good description of the verscchiedenen Film Properties (Ilford), scroll down a bit because everything is explained briefly important.

Even with paper there are very subtle differences (vs Ilford. Hahn vs mill. Standard paper)

Furthermore, there is still synonymous certain filters for black and white photography

Complete PDF Cokin

Declaration of black and white of B & W


Now we are talking about but not of Film and Stillimage, whereas Stillimage synonymous, the question of Dynamics and HDR in today's digital age plays a certain role.

I would like to know with time you'll turn any camera - I'm now views them from the Camera of the house, not a black and white effect has / setting, or??

So I think once you do it afterwards or s.PC?

Then I would advise you want to work with different layers.


I had the times been made as a test.
Left, the raw footage, right after the processed quickly Footage

This doubled the movie track and then the upper track "extreme" color-changed and via opacity level scheme with the others mixed. (I'm not a real friend of the mixing modes, we choose, eg, in PS I can do that better by feel and fine Tunning)

So I would perhaps make the point s.eurer synonymous speak simply of several tracks worked on a certain S / W to create look.

Maybe you ought to / your time "The Book of Eli" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1037705/
look, this film has a very brilliant color mood affected me very excited because they quite blatantly suggests to the viewer a certain situation.

Films like "Sin City", or one of my favorite movies when it comes to S / W of the new species "is Renaissance" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386741/ (a really hammer geiler Effect movie just plain gross effect, unfortunately without making of the DVD ;-( )
Films are almost mandatory when it comes to S / W is ....( Schindler's List actually knows everybody)


Conclusion S / W is always a indiez have not tried here for the Beginners mask an gwissen look to have taken advantage of a bad film, it can properly synonymous really really good shape even better. It just has to edit very carefully and sometimes violent as synonymous with color photographs, the total work.
If I get Perso. the statement "S / W would be easier" for simply wrong. And would hope that you / your presents because you do not something wrong.

I wish you success and hope I could you / give you some ideas or you on some things regarding black and white to draw attention.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Axel:

"Jokraemer" wrote:
2nd it has some dramatic and aesthetic stimuli, a special look, so to speak, the man with low-budget funds is not easy in Color hinbekommt.

We do not know what the God usder art, Apollo is recommended, but here
If the actors are good, give them good props and costumes, and expressive search locations.

Antwort von le.sas:

"If the actors are good, give them good props and costumes, and expressive search locations."

Too bad something like this on, and on the sound of 99% of people will simply not respected.

Fuck actor and equipment, let us rather put the money in a 5Dmk2, you see our film look like in the movies. Yeah

Antwort von Mantas:

"Le.sas" wrote:

Fuck actor and equipment, let us rather put the money in a 5Dmk2, you see our film look like in the movies. Yeah

Jpn, wholly restricted!

Antwort von jokraemer:

Thank s.das forum for the many messages!
However, I have formulated my question either not correct or someone has not understood it correctly: my movie, the title by the way: "JOBS" is a movie actor and is supported primarily of them and of the dramaturgy of the plot. There are plenty of twists, surprises and, as I am insured professionals, it is very, very exciting. When one remembers the "Witness for the Prosecution" or "It Happened One Night" and similar films, it falls a bit behind in any case, if the question was that Color has been no shortage at all, but rather would have only distracted of the great actors and Billy Wilder has known very well, so he presents the blond of Monroe and her red lips to the viewer only in gray. And Marlene is anyway better in gray ... And None what was missing, quite the opposite.
Black and white is just so simple, because you first in external turning much less about the vegetation has continuityprobleme; 2 in the actors a lot less problems with the skin color and structure is; 3 Color as much color (!), and our world is very colorful distraction these days (eg, downtown), of the scene and often even of the actors, at least for long shots, fourth Color often because in the video projection is not enough simply look more natural, but the other produced no particular style synonymous, at least as HD video - it is just trivial and dedifferentiated colorful. Many, many turned to film work the way synonymous.
What interests me is simply whether a thrilling made film in black and white audiences today can still interested or not. The intellectual case (which clings s.Schwarzweiss so only with people who obviously know neither Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch still synonymous little of Hitch), we let here get away dear. This is a typical German approach.
So, how would it get? The theme is very timely: I know a lot of Hartz IVer and not a few would rather do today than tomorrow, what the film presents.

Antwort von Axel:

Yes, do a Billy Wilder or Hitchcock from this plot, which is recommended. For the combination of success and timeliness read this
However, does nothing of what you write about W and Color. A recording of your dusty rubber plant next to the IKEA sideboard with the Medion-Television is in SW and on film exactly as banal as in color and high definition video. It's about nothing. The situation is different with Robert from which, in its authentically dilapidated apartment next to his dusty rubber tree with a bottle of stale beer in squats. The light comes from television, the camera gazes from the darkness above him him down ("the ceiling falls on him on the head"). The depth of field is so small that only either the bottle or his staring face are sharp.

It can be determined which elements are consistent and support the weight of the scene. As a colored (not equal to "colorful") Picture contains more information than a gray scale, synonymous can be transported more emotions. Colors are excellent mood, as Goethe has already recognized.

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