Infoseite // Field Monitor, but which one?

Frage von wavearound:


I have the following problem:

In six weeks we are on a six-week shoot in Uganda. Rotate in Uganda called on the way we work, not too much to attract attention, because this is always coupled with paying big money. Now we are looking for a suitable field monitor.

The following requirements we need:
-Anti-reflective screen for good visibility
- Not too big / noticeable, so you can quickly make him disappear. This is very important to work in very poor areas
-Not too expensive, we know what is the price right field monitors and why do we not use them for this production can
-A little bit of what it has to stand it
The Battery, which must last longer, because we will have synonymous s.and s.mal two days without electricity.

One idea was the extra Archos (Internet tablet?)

-Or of the, I'm with price and battery power but not sure.

Do you have any ideas?

Best regards



Antwort von Pianist:

Why do you think at all because the need for a Field Monitor? Something like it took me exactly once in the past 20 years, and even then he would afterwards have been dispensed with. In a crisis region, I would do without something like first. Just trust the cameraman, who will soon pull sensible images.



Antwort von Jott:

Since I can only agree. Especially noticeable Field Monitor plus "not" exclude themselves anyway. When it's all about the views in the evening intimate circle,'s doing one of those portable DVD player with AV input, and indeed a brand device and not a No Name-part, the work and then even have a usable picture.


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