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Datei Salat nach Digitalisierung von VHS Video...

File salad digitization of VHS video ...

Frage von Mannimanaste:
Juni 2006


With my hard disks, DVD recorders, I can copy my holiday films of VHS video cassettes to the hard drive. And I can then burn to a DVD recording synonymous.

So far so good ...

Now I wanted such a recording (our wedding video) of the DVD play in the PC to postprocess the recording there with my "MAGIX Video Deluxe" cutting program. But lo and behold, I had not expected to do it with just one file for a recording, so I could handle it on the hard disk recorder, but several files with some different file extensions. Magix Video Deluxe 2005/2006, although the files can integrate, but now I have some the wrong sound to the wrong video images ...
or click on the files are still consuming only converted to another format, and synonymous only limited work after ...

My PC plays the entire recording using Power DVD but from accurate.

What files are they important, and which files need to Magix s.welche office so I can edit the recording as I am accustomed to images of which I have right of the mini-DV video camera recorded the Magix program?
And I have the files may convert all or partly in another file format, and if so, how does that work?

The files are now on my burned DVD, then read:

There is a folder on the DVD of the "VIDEO_TS" means.
This contains the following files:


These files have no program icon as a symbol but a windows sign, as in the files that None can match the PC application ...
Then, a file with the symbol of Power DVD is the program:


Then again there are two files that can match the PC seems None Application:

VTS_01_0.BUP 94 KB BUB-File
IFO File VTS_01_0 94 KB

Then the 5 files with the symbol of the program, Power DVD:

VTS_01_1 1,032,192 KB VOB File
VTS_01_2 1,032,192 KB VOB File
VTS_01_3 1,032,192 KB VOB File
VTS_01_4 1,032,192 KB VOB File
VTS_01_5 168,804 KB VOB File

All have a screenshot as an attachment in a Word file attached (although I see no confirmation of this at the moment ...). But just as I typed it, it is in the screenshot, only that you can see the file icons on the screenshot yet.

I have a feeling that I understand some basic things are not yet on the matter of the digital Videoschneidens learned or ...
So sorry for the question of the importance of this file and salad of the right way in order to eat this salad synonymous with Magix Video Deluxe 'to! ;)

I hope that someone is a beginner like me, have mercy, and I
can help (and it was) synonymous only with a tip, where and what to me once reinziehen relating to digital DV editing.

Many greetings,

Antwort von steveb:

copy the vob files on your calculator. thereby change the vob extension to mpg. should then work properly. If not, you have to rip the DVD with eg DVDshrink or chopperxp ... You googel the tools. The synonymous mpgfiles make it.

And yet exhaustive search of the tip ... The forum has helped many. Lookup_value eg "DVD to mpg or something like that?

Antwort von Mannimanaste:

Ok, thanks for the tip with renaming the extensions. But what's with the other files? I need the synonymous or not (BUB and) IFO files?


Antwort von steveb:

no, not that you need.

Antwort von Mannimanaste:

OK, then I let them BUB and IFO files away. Like the small VOB file, in what is probably only the DVD menu in there, which has created the hard disk recorder.

The renaming of the files of *. VOB to *. mpg has brought nothing ...
In Magix Video Deluxe, I can download the files and import them into a movie though, but the sequences are incomplete and sometimes with the wrong sound, or a false picture, as well as each other confused ...

If I am the VOB files which I have copies of DVD to the hard drive, selected individually, then does my Power DVD brave the individual sequences from full length and with proper Sound and Picture.

Next, I am now the case with the RIBS try me, then I download such a rip-program (there's a German freeware ???), with this program and copy the files of DVD to hard drive again, and I employ people that they should be converted to mpg files. Right?

But why to mgp and not on AVI files?
All camcorder files I've worked in MAGIX, there are seen as AVI files ...!!


Antwort von Gast 0815:

So, normally Magix VOB files as such, can capture. In a video DVD, the things (as synonymous with you) are nicely enumerated, so that you can import it in an appropriate order. This währtend of importing But you should disable the automatic scene detection,
as you can in the storyboard your parts need be synonymous rearrange still fast!
Gibts sometimes problems with the picture-sound synchronization, if this is the case, post here again. Otherwise, if the order agrees with the film segments to run part of each film, the scene detection and it should then (if all agree on the theory ....).
With your note to Avi conversion You are right not synonymous, and again it depends on what will be the end of your project.
You can save the finished project, for example, on mini-DV cassette in the camcorder, is it OK as a DV-AVI, or you want as an end product another (cut / edited) DVD, then there is the whole again in mp2 Codec Vob files saved as. When importing for processing Magix counts in the Avi Vob/mp2-daten at (why does it take so long ...); after you have edited the film and want to proceed now to DVD production, you should turn on smart rendering, so only the newly redesigned parts synonymous converted. This saves time on the one hand, the other is lost at each conversion quality.

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von Mannimanaste:

Hey, thanks for the detailed answer to Marburg!

To prevent possible misunderstandings times right now, I start over views of the front:
So far I have video scenes for editing with MAGIX only of the Mini DV Video Camera with Firewire connection and directly using Magix on your PC and thus just like the Magix program IMPORTED synonymous.
I write the word imported great because it is so to speak three (! Are) possible imports:

Import one copy: From any source on your PC, so without Magix.

Import two: From any folder on your PC to the Magix program.

Import three: From the Magix program file window in the movie window.

Perhaps I've already done something wrong when importing one ... I simply copied the files in the folder that I called RAW MATERIALS, and I used the Magix program as a destination folder for the import of the mini DV video camera had indicated. There are synonymous, the whole of my files as described above already imported mini DV camcorder videos.
Then I opened and saw the files Magix synonymous in the file window of Magix.

Which should I import this automatic detection is now off the scene? When importing into the film window of Magix?
Or is there some other key import method to import one? If this initial import (one) of the DVD on your PC may have been synonymous with a Magix function as synonymous for the import of mini DV?

Sorry that I write in such detail on these first steps, but if you have the first step was wrong, then changes s.späteren steps generally of little use ...

My idea was now synonymous to that I understand the 5 VOB files do not save at the same time in the PC then import them with the Magix Magix Movie window (import three), but only one after the other, because somehow Magix has different contents of the files are partially mixed . The scenes are synonymous but much too short. It lacks long stretches ...

My goal is that I am the film a little some further processing, cut a few lengths, and then burn to a DVD. The source material was an analog video camera HI 8 tape, which I had then digitized using hard disks, DVD recorder and burned onto a DVD. And this was just not have any post-processing have been possible.

Regarding the conversion of VOB to mpg now I am naturally a little hesitant, after you now write that Magix synonymous can handle VOB files. But just as I had with my first attempts with these VOB files of my wedding videos seen in the Magix program that converts most of Magix, the VOB files to mpg files are made as soon as one clicks on the VOB files?
Then it might be a prior conversion of an appropriate conversion program (which I still do not know and have, as I want Programs such as more German-speaking, so I'm synonymous sure what the various options of Programs and) lead to quite make sense?

Another reason why I am writing in such detail is not the one that I want to bore and annoy the professionals, but the plan to ensure that there are some Magix users who like what I, and facing similar issues.
In such a forum should be tried as a tip-sensor in my opinion, always have to add not just have a short tip for exactly this terse one questioner that may help this (vielleicht. ..), but that one important basic procedures which in the program's instructions are not described as clear and complete, but short and concise lists. But this is synonymous accurate possible representation of the user ahead of the problem, what I am trying to deliver.

Only cover and ONLY if the answers are all problem areas in this way, that makes use of the much-vaunted Forum search really something! If I as the search word "import" text box that I do not receive Ergegnisse to me something to tell me about the above three kinds of imports.
The one result (of importing VOB files) was synonymous answered again too sparse than that it's far more users than this one user, we

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Right you, if you you want a solution to your problem, which should be simple to understand and provide as many users in your location information. A professional but I am not synonymous, so I can only suggest what I would do s.Deiner place.
And please remember one, every computer system is configured differently, so it is very difficult to consider all possibilities of the outside ....

So just to practical matters:

Note whether or not the VOB import synonymous with other DVDs
work. Just try it once so synonymous with one another, not
copy-protected VOB file. You can benefit directly from the location of these synonymous to a Magix PRGspur.
s.das not go ..
So there is something wrong with your system configuration, or Magix
Mist built.
b) it goes ...
then it is an error in Deinenr to iportierenden DVD

I once going out of b).
1.) pull you an information tool on the net for example
under http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/de
2.) open one of your files to Vob
Normal is a bit rate of below 9000 kb / s,
Format 720 * 576, 25 fps (for PAL / Eurpoa)
and MPEG 2 as the video codec / compression.
The sound can be encoded in various ways,
Problems during import may give at AC3.
3.) differs somewhat from the norm of, then this is probably the cause of your
His problem. Post your views and we see results, then
probably a little clearer.

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von Mannimanaste:

Hello again!

Now I have all files back geöscht from the PC, and tried to import using Magix Video Deluxe: When selected drives, the DVD drive, and then pulled the 5 VOB files marked and kept with the left mouse button to Filmsenster of Magix. Magix has subsequently consuming each file stored only on hard drive, then "frame tables for faster access to MPEG files (and created the same for audio files) and then import the files into the film window. But results as before: There is probably missing a good 80% of wedding videos, and the sound does not always correspond with the scenes (sometimes even allerdins).

The attachment is a screenshot of the recommended test one of the files using Media-Info program.

I still do not know the difference between rip, capture and convert, and do not know the extent to which tool should I googled. The fact that the files in the DVD player function, but not of the hard drive in Magix, which probably means that my hard drive recorder when the copy HI 8 video on the local hard drive, or has mixed but when you burn to DVD some kind of encryption, with the Now the PC is not clear or Magix??
So I now have their own recording of my wedding videos of myself 'steal', right?
Do I have to rip now, capture, or convert? Or maybe I should do something completely different?

Which brings the tool executable DVD on my PC now so that I can open the film with Magix Video Delux first time and watch full length with the original right to make decisions according to what I want rausschneiden it??

I must say, slowly, the story sucks, but it's still my wedding video from China, and I would be synonymous rework some other analog recording that I like to digitize and. So I try to stay s.Ball until I finally reinbekomme the gate!


Antwort von Mannimanaste:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something else:

in the computer business, I was told that these additional small files on the disc quite important information.

Here in the forum I was told yes, this BUB *. and *. IFO files would not need me. So I am always on the *. VOB files concentrated (although I quite s.Anfang All files on the DVD in my folder of "raw material" had been copied into the PC, and the wedding Magix Video synonymous only flawed and far too little play had).

If I do not need those little files, then why are they there at all?
It is still annoying synonymous again ...!
And the forum comment that: "... You do not need" is a nice feature meant, but he did not synonymous explained what he meant the whole thing really.
And yes, unfortunately, is neither with nor without those files ...

Gruß, Martin

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Clearly, the small files on the DVD has a function closer (eg under http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD- video or http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD- video) # Verzeichnisstruktur_und_Dateinamen. But (for processing cutting, etc.) in the Magix Prg they do not need you! Poste doch mal, which says the InfoTool your Vob files, as long as we advise not know this, we are just around next without being able to help you. Incidentally, you can ensure that the file (s) on your DVD site, a change here is the same with write access, therefore, impossible.

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von Gast 0815:

Sorry, I've just forgotten, unfortunately I can not see any attachment
Thus, the data again in a posting, please copy .......
Mea maxima culpa

Greetings from Marburg

Antwort von mkrawietz:

"Mannimanaste" wrote:
Which brings the tool executable DVD on my PC now so that I can open the film with Magix Video Delux first time and watch full length with the original right to make decisions according to what I want rausschneiden it??

Suppose these VOBs in accordance with the DVD standard (if not, the Remote help rather schwirig): If not may suffer Magix Video Deluxe renamed the VOBs (perhaps in mpg), I would kloppen Magix Video Deluxe as a disabled toy in the bin.
Demux the renamed VOBs with the MPEGTools of TMPGEnc to m2v and sound (ac3 or mp2, who knows) and then cut with the cutter Maran. Then you obviously have a new DVD Author (with GUIforDVDAuthor). (Apart from the files provided on a DVD rather not for further processing)

Antwort von Mannimanaste:


I have the guest who wrote the last posting rechtgeben, at least in part, and although kloppen with the "in the barrel!

Of him, but then posted the proposed solution but then I was too complicated (which is ask authors and demux? And then the sound should be ac3 or mp2, and what does it all mean?)

But there was then but a little easier:

The solution of the problem:

[list] Back to the software vendor driven;

the problem described;

I heard that MAGIX, although not as catastrophic as PINNACLE (although apparently where Studio 10 is even worse than it already Studio 9 was that MAGIX ...), but in any case makes more problems than ULEAD, and that I Buy s.besten ULEAD Studio 10 will;

Checks whether ULEAD can import files of DVD Studio 10 is;

Seen that this is only possible with ULEAD studio 10 pros;

99 EUR unsheathed and bought the program;

After driving home, and the program installed in a remarkably short time (I remember there's s.The hours I had spent with the installation of Magix Video Deluxe Pros ...);

Then, full of expectation, the program started;

seen at first glance, where you have to click to import of DVD;

In a remarkably short time the entire wedding video probelmlos imported, and although WITHOUT rip, capture, convert, demux to separate audio tracks, or rename !!!);

The scene detection run over it;

The perfect result of the full import and examined me already begun to look forward to the post, list [/ u: 2d863ea61d]

So it was not yet s.meinen VOB files, but s.MAGIX ....
I think I my original plan that I leave on one MAGIX ULEAD Calculator and Calculator use only on the other, would tend to change, because ULEAD has a really attractive design and a very clear user functionality!

You see me so well in the future ULEAD forum and not here anymore ....
It's a kind of MAGIX ...

Thanks for all the above answers and the trouble you have given the authors of the same,
best regards,

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