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Filmprojektkurs ein paar Fragen, die essenziell sind...

Film Course a few questions, which are essential ...

Frage von Cpt_morgan:
Januar 2007


I am currently in the 13th Born in our school. Since there is a mandatory project course to demonstrate the 2 hours a week is there is currently a film course project.
Due to my computer experience and with the handling of various recording programs (unfortunately only AUDIO) and appropriate hardware and spatial (also especially AUDIO, small HR-studio), I agreed to the technique and the cut of the film to take over.

I would not describe as a complete Noob, but throw me a few ordinary questions:

1. we have the material in the box, have some important things synonymous score in the Lighting and audio materials respected (Articles euern was thanks;)). Surely it's not the best material. Was with cameras from the open channel. Unfortunately, I have no exact model number and knows only that of JVC produced and broadcast as a normal camera look.
My question: Is it DV material of this camera is now capturing or is it any camcorder which takes you to? I mean there are not without reason several readers for 1000 ¬, if synonymous a ünlicher camcorder for 300 ¬, or is the only devices in the compatibility s.der DV Cam?

2. When must be encoded? But only at the end of the DVD creation, right?

3. I have (as the first official act) an update of our school license premiere 6.0 to 2.0 per made. If the encoder to export to the premiere of, or are programs such as TMPGEnc or Canopius necessary?
Had silly when we look at why such a thing s.Qualität lose, since the potential schuapielerische is not very high;)

4. I have an Nvidia graphics card with 256mb of ram. This has dvi and Vga output. I have now a 2nd Screen worried about the dual head to be cut, because I am tired of only premiere on my 17 "display is quite close;).
Is it now possible with the DVI-VGA adapters, an analog screen s.DVI adapter? if not what are these times?

would be great if I could not get a reply ...
and please not that one: such times after the keyword and the ...

I build for you, is so far still the only forum in which I ask the most questions were very useful and with DV FAQs ...

Thank you in advance in advance ...

Regards, Klaas.

Antwort von PowerMac:

1. No.. A 250 Euro Camera last. But it is rare to compatibility problems. The purpose and the raison d'être of a VTR for a few thousand Euros in their durability, robustness and professional features.

2. Yes.

3. Is.

4. Huh? If you have an adapter and the monitor fits s.die graphics card, then everything is in order. Of course, the meaning of a DVI / VGA adapter including older analog monitor.

Antwort von jerazi:

Perhaps it might be synonymous useful s.einem TV s.and s.das material nachzukontrollieren, especially when you apply color corrections etc.. I have so many been able to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Antwort von Cpt_morgan:

cool, thank you first for the quick reply ...
yes, I have the old 17 "is connected, but somehow there is only black screen, so the graphics card detects it is, synonymous with the correct type name, but he shows no desktop, it had two screens synonymous times exchanged words tft s . dvi and crt s.vga, same problem only with the black image s.tft ...

would otherwise be considered a cheap matrox phaelia to shoot (ebay etc) evt synonymous to the control via a TV monitor or a controlling way. on adobe, however, are only a few cards, that fully compatible with premiere 2.0, there is here because someone can say that the phaelia stable (I am aware that this is the biggest part of the motherboard and chipset depends ... ).

thank you again for the quick reply.
am looking forward to further comments.

Regards, Klaas.

Antwort von firlefanz:

Hi, Cpt_morgan. Where do you live? Possibly. there are in your area a film club. There you will be happy to help.
If you call the area, I can you possibly call a club synonymous.

Antwort von firlefanz:


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Cpt_morgan" wrote:

1. (...) My question: Is it DV material of this camera is now capturing or is it any camcorder which takes you to?

Sonysagt, if you type "LP" records made (although I do not know of whether you used the JVC cams can), is not guaranteed that the camera on another - even from the same series - is legible, eg with the FX1: "... you should just give this camcorder again."
Otherwise, it should be rare exceptions to run well.

Antwort von firlefanz:

So when we capture was only a question of whether the quality of the materials may gecapturten of the camera used to capture depends. we have not rotated in LP mode and it can all synonymous cameras ... read the tapes would only be able to demonstrate that there is a difference what camera or what player you have to use.
euern posts that tell me this is not the case, thus schonmal klasse.

new question: did the whole stuff on my macbook captured. are now. dv files all on the plate. actually should premiere this but with installed quicktime can read, right? it is still advisable All material on capture in premiere?

thank you in advance for any answer ...

gruß, klaas. [/ quote]

Antwort von Axel:

"Anonymous" wrote:
new question: did the whole stuff on my macbook captured. are now. dv files all on the plate. actually should premiere this but with installed quicktime can read, right? it is still advisable All material on capture in premiere?

iMovie? Then go into the program and export the clips as a Quicktime DV PAL (under My Settings> Send).

Antwort von k90:

HiCpt_morgan. In Schleswig there is a film club. You mention that video --
Arbeitskreis. Effects with the "boss" is spoken. He wants to help you if it works. Thou shalt call them. 04621-5614. Have fun.
A film guest

Antwort von k90:

class, I will be with him in touch ...
thank you for the contact ...

gruß, klaas.

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