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Frage von HansMaulwurf:

Zeitverschobenen Guten Morgen,

I am currently in search of techniques to my (invisible) cuts my Picture transitions to improve.

As far as I am specifically interested in techniques such as perhaps a little below platt displayed:

- Person moves on to the camera (eg, black cap) fill out the picture completely - cut
- Swing into a light source - Cut
- Reißschwenk - Cut

I would have been half dead gegooglet the literature which I have cut things like Beller are synonymous rather general terms.

What literature or Internet sources that have accumulated such?

If not, what are your tricks and methods, as clever transitions to create? Provided of course there is no magician and ethos do not want to talk about his art ...



Antwort von Axel:

Salut Stefan.
Perhaps you are interested

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

@ Axel: Thank you for the first kick, I had not found.

More specific tips and / or sources?

The three examples that I had mentioned are standards that no preference in what genre always apply. Because I would just like to create NEN small catalog, if you want to creatively NEN has small trailer.


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