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Frage von Goop:

Hello, community!

Anticipation was told that I for some time, both the slashcam forum, am confused as synonymous the DSLR forum-browsable, but still. Therefore I decided to open itself a "new" topic, where you can help me hopefully.

I have a few months ago dieCanonEOS 550D with the EF-S 18-55 IS Kit Lens bought because it offered to me a very good price-/Leistungsverhältnis and mastered the balancing act between still image and movie quite well. I'm not a professional photographer and a professional filmmaker synonymous, but very interesting and instructive willingly.

Besides my studies, I earn my money with Tricking, Parkour and martial arts demonstrations. I intend for our site to rotate as before and after performances blog videos, and producing small and appealing Trailer Compilation. The claim itself is s.mich as quite high, because it is synonymous to promo videos of me and I would like to withdraw some of the broad masses. Rotational and pivotal point is the scene in spectacular set of movements and the associated lifestyle. Filmed Indoor and Outdoor.

I'm faszieniert of the following shots, since they can experience first hand movement.


Antwort von Lucas:

I'm not a professional for lenses, but a STEADYCAM is ALWAYS a good investment.

... Advance you want to put images with a lot of movement (of the camera, like in the video) have film.

I guess you would advise a Glidecam HD2000.
(I hope it's in your budget)

What the heck is your budget?

... Favorite playing grounds enough (if a 2nd location) a good Schulterrig.
This is synonymous for shooting the trailer, or about the Image Movie / s are best used if you like controlled camera movement.

... A mix of both.
Depending on your budget, this is synonymous possible if one is to collapse or drift apart. For that is this forum so synonymous but finally there.


You sausages very likely to search the web closer synonymous with land (not least by the link: D)
But there are frequent problems, especially the supply lasts, or the exchange due to the long distances, and the duty.



(Worth before there time to look. If many great bundles!

I hope I helped you a bit,



Antwort von scrooge:

Hi Lucas,

a rather cheap and still really good suspension stand is the "Schwebi" that you get here:

Hier mal ein Demovideo with einer 550D. Ist nicht of mir, aber bei mir sind die Ergebnisse vergleichbar:

Am of the handling and the results enthusiastically.



Antwort von Goop:

What is my budget? Good question! :-)

Mitlerweile I am already arrived on planet earth and I realized that I was looking for a rather expensive hobby. , - / Damn, that makes it so much fun!

I am willing to spend as much money as is necessary so that I can make reasonable shots. Although I emphasize here again like that I am not a professional. I want to get as much for my money.

On the subject FlyCam I've already read several posts synonymous. Some say top, others say flop. The fact is that I spend noLust now 150 ¬, and then in a few weeks to determine that I have saved s.falschen end. I hope you know what I mean. I have the money not so loose that I can throw out the window - I am a student.

I'm almost to the search after the jack of all trades!

Sure, there are not, but I would like the purchase have a good feeling.

Would appreciate more feedback, just to hear some other recommendations.

Greetings, Goop


Antwort von PowerMac:

"Goop" wrote: (...) I'm faszieniert of these recordings, since they can experience first hand movement.


Antwort von Goop:

I have the Glidecam times now viewed in more detail and according to many contributions in this suspension system seems really mature.

These two models now I take time in my immediate choice:
1. Glidecam HD-1000
2. Glidecam HD-2000

The price difference is about 100 ¬, otherwise the models differed in the strength and size.

To which model would you advise me in the long term?
Where there are serious alternatives to these two models?

Enough dasCanonEF-S 18-55 IS Lens?
Lenses that you can recommend for my needs?


Antwort von

Very nices video, if it is synonymous Inline.

Had mal ne question about "Schwebi - Gimbal is since nothing but just a ball joint when I have seen this right?


Antwort von Lucas:

"Scrooge" wrote:
Here's a demo video with a 550D. Is not of me, but for me the results comparible

Hey, sorry (my opinion) the images from the video is not nearly as well, such as the video of Goop (the link).

Thanks anyway!

@ Goop:

I would advise you the Glidecam 2000th
Suited and built for HDSLRS.

The Flycam is told of how thecinecity and like you said, there are many opinions.

My opinion:
I will not recommend it, one reason I have already stated.

Pro Glidecam
-Almost nonegativen opinions to the Glidecam HD-2000
Toll-quality workmanship and

S.Anfang hard-to tare off, then favorite playing grounds perfect!



Ps: I look for lenses again;) 24-70 mm Lenses are great!

PPs: I love jack of all trades! : D
(If only it were cheap ..: D)


Antwort von PowerMac:

"Lucas" wrote: (...) 24-70 mm Lenses are great! (...)




Antwort von Goop:

Why do you tend to Glidecam HD-2000? What are the benefits of HD for the Glidecam Glidecam 2000 compared to the HD-1000? I'm just confused a bit, the HD-2000 is not even a little too heavy for my system? would help me please, I give so much money and do not every day from noFehler.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Count of how many times your cam including Lens (and micro) weighs

If the 15% maximum load of the HD 1000 system is then the work - if not stop buying the HD 2000

It is that simple - you must complain, however, the Cam or the system (HD2000) if you want to use the 550D naked.

B. DeKid


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