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Juni 2008

Hello. I will be in August for a documentary film project to fly to Tanzania. I am looking for someone who is already in the region could cinematic experience? What filter are for example recommended? Also I know the problem of the dark skin color well to expose so that the facial contours clearly to be placed.
I look forward to your support
with best regards

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Antwort von r.p.television:

In any case, ND-filter of any thickness and with different course transitions. Otherwise you get no drawing in the sky.

And with a camcorder with Tapelaufwerk always enough Gaffa tape around the drive slots abzukleben.

Antwort von veejay:


I'm not very big but a filter or two Grauverläufe the pole and a UV (anyway) should be there.
Farbspielchen (tobacco, chocolate) are not my thing.

The RED ENHANCER (Also known sa "didymium" filter, this is used to enhance red, orange and brown subjects to give more color saturation and
contrast, while having very little effect on other colors. It can be used
in many such situations where certain building s.architecture
features need emphasizing, or for landscapes to enhance foliage
and rocky features.Red Enhancer is perfect for making autumn colors, sunsets, brick houses, tomatoes, and other orange, red, or brown-toned subjects look their best. NOTE: red enhancer filters appear pale green), I can in the savannah synonymous me well imagine.
Many greetings


Antwort von videobob:

Passport in the sand on ;-)))))

And take in Tanzania enough cash in with dollar bills in order to lubricate roadblocks ......

Filters do not need you .... Take it for what it is .....

Antwort von WoWu:


You will be at the ND problem and the associated UV and IR problems do not come around.
Some bad experiences have meant that we only have combined to ND's back together (Rosco, Tiffen or Pancro), because often in the face additional filters coloring rather comes into play.
Look at times synonymous to "fade" at P + S for dynamic lighting conditions at. (our designs). That part is due to the difficult lighting conditions arose.
And white cloths. You will be heat problems with the camera, if you really do not consistently cover or a Spielgelplimp used.
Caution synonymous with Fluid Heads, if they are lying in the car to be transported. Lubricants and everything that liquefy it inevitably runs out, because the share times 80 ° slightly hot ..... then you can in the garbage can join.
Otherwise there would be a whole bunch of tips ...

Addendum: there is in American First aid kits goldbedampfte thin foil, which only cost a few $.
The foil (about 2x1m) can tiniest space to fold and reflects the sunlight almost completely. Ideally suited to cameras and equipment to protect it. (And synonymous times as large solar reflectors for the light to use). Of a few into the luggage!

Antwort von MK:

"WoWu" wrote:

Addendum: there is in American First aid kits goldbedampfte thin foil, which only cost a few $.
The foil (about 2x1m) can tiniest space to fold and reflects the sunlight almost completely.

That is synonymous in the German first-aid kits, a Page and the other gold and silver if you want to protect against heat, the silver side out, with the gold side out to get exactly the opposite ...

Antwort von WoWu:

@ MK
Thanks for the hint, unfortunately I have the contents of German first-aid kits a few years since not as familiar to me but it would somehow synonymous wondered if this is not synonymous in Germany would have become mandatory.
I think, with the sides, which would have achieved self-André and in Germany is synonymous definitely still a leaflet here. (In America anyway, because the Manufacturer yes otherwise equal to a trillion dollars may be sued for damages.
But thank you again ...

Antwort von KlausZ:

Good topic and one question then.
I am in August for a few weeks in South Africa (Kruger Park) and will, of course, synonymous filming. My XH-A1 has a built-(2-stage) ND filter. Is that really or is it recommended but also have a filter to unscrew the front off?
Circular polarizer (B & C) times before, I had 2 years with it, but I found that the desired effect (blue sky, lush colors) rather reversed into its opposite.
What are your recommendations / experiences on this?

Antwort von veejay:

Hello Klaus, the two-stage ND should be enough, if you sometimes synonymous nor Aperture 8-11 could come. 4-5.6 If you want, you could certainly shutter between them. Is elegant but not always possible because Shutterlooks.
I do not know if you s.der Canon Gain synonymous with the Cons could dB.
The pole should actually work, but it does not halt in any direction, but depending on the state of the sun. There is some rule that I do not have handy.

Many greetings

Antwort von WoWu:

@ KlausZ

In extreme range of lighting conditions while the ND's in the visible spectrum, but they are only very poorly in the UV and certainly in the IR range. So you reduce you to your visible area s.and open the aperture for virtually unimpeded passage in the UV and IR range, with the IR field, the result is that your sensor cargo in the shortest time is achieved, although still not enough light in the visible range is . Furthermore, the focus point differently, which leads to blurring. Also, the automatic exposure is not working correctly.
There are still a few more points ... My advice, therefore, in such areas without either ND work (closed aperture), or with additional UV / IR filters .... or even combined with ND's. Otherwise, there is the surprise behind quite large.

Antwort von veejay:

In a slightly sandier areas or where the UV radiation is higher, I would always have a UV filter to use. If you strongly abblendet, then leaves the optical power after. If Aperture 16 Final, should be the 11 or 14 did not use. You can, but not as crisp.

Many greetings

Antwort von WoWu:

Although UV actually the lesser of two evils is ... IR is much more intense. Only thing with the ND's limited basically (unfortunately) does not apply to such areas.
For very many cameras have indeed been here synonymous ND's will use, because the chips of the Bonsai diffraction effect already s.Aperture 2.8 uses anyway and you really only work with ND's can to a certain extent to get sharp images.
The "cracking" will now say that anyway with the only "promoters" should work ... but then suggest such effects of course.

Antwort von veejay:

"Funding Aperture is really nice. I had eventually learned any other term, the best or so.
Really nice.
On my Panasonic would need synonymous with horror, I find that Aperture 4 of Peak has been reached. Then it's downhill, p.8, it is no longer beautiful. At least s.55er tube. The old rule of thumb: 2-3 times dim, hold still fits. Only then it started at 2.8 or worse.

Many greetings

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